China’s first college football college set up hundreds of undergraduate students each year queer as folk

China’s first college football college set up every year to recruit hundreds of undergraduate football academy in Chengdu, the establishment of the ceremony. September 29th, the national college football development international forum and the establishment of the Chengdu football academy held in Chengdu University, marking China’s first comprehensive college football academy was formally established. It is understood that, in March 2015, the State Council issued the overall plan for the reform and development of Chinese football, the program for the development of Chinese football reform pointed out the direction of progress. The plan clearly pointed out: "the football school set to the strong support of the conditions of the undergraduate colleges, and actively explore new football school football culture education and close integration, high-level professional personnel training to adapt to the modern development of football industry. At the same time, is a retired football player transfer for PE teachers to create conditions." The Chengdu football school dean Xu Ming said, the current bottleneck restricting Chengdu football career and industry development is the high level football professional talent shortage, the high level football players lack of education and opportunity of effective ways to improve the effect of the sport, stability of the personnel. At the same time, Chengdu is still a lack of international exchange and cooperation platform for colleges and universities. Xu Ming told reporters that the construction of Chengdu University city football academy in the country belongs to the initiative. The Institute is mainly to full-time undergraduate education is professional football, including the continuing education school football training of teachers, social sports instructor training, football football coaches referee training supplemented by training all kinds of talents needed in the development of football industry, to promote all-round development of football industry in Chengdu, to expand and improve the quantity and the level of China football football population. According to reports, after the completion of the football academy in Chengdu, will take advantage of the venue, to carry out youth training. At present, the football academy has 40 students for daily training and competition. College football coaches and students in obtaining certificate teacher qualification certificate, will participate in the primary and secondary schools in Chengdu city football referee, and the school daily football course teaching, also can through the Physical Education Institute of Chengdu University doctoral workstation to participate in the Chengdu primary school, participate in teaching and research activities such as football game. It is reported that the football academy training will be closely linked with the football industry chain in Chengdu, a full range of boost the development of Chengdu football industry. In the future, the Chengdu soccer academy when conditions are ripe to the national Ministry of education declared open sports brokers, sports management and sports events management, focusing on the training of high level soccer football talent brokers, management personnel and football specialized planning and operation, an annual enrollment of 100 full-time undergraduate students, and ultimately football College students scale in about 600 people, and set up a football club in Chinese occupation league. Editor: Shao Botao相关的主题文章: