China’s fourth single tide hit more women choose active single

China’s fourth single incoming tide more women choose active single single tide in November 11th, was originally an ordinary day, are pulled into the holiday team, become "singles day". Some people say that he is not forced to show affection, there is no harm "and" single dog "; others say that he is" a man of exquisite life "single. Statistics show that as of 2015, China’s single population reached 200 million, experts said that China’s fourth single wave positive incoming! More women choose to take the initiative according to the national Ministry of Civil Affairs statistics, the country’s population alone rose from 6% in 1990 to the year of 2013, the single living group is growing large. Statistics show that there have been several single tide in mainland china. The first time in 1950s, the first "marriage law" has brought the tide of divorce; at the end of 1970s, the educated youth back to the city in order to have a divorce, causing second times the single trend; since 1990s, the reform and opening up cause to change the traditional family values, third single wave coming; up to now, with the rapid development and female autonomy the consciousness of economic improvement, fourth single wave gradually. 2010 sixth census, the proportion of unmarried women over the age of 30 and up to 2.47%, an increase of nearly two times over the previous year, the initiative to choose single single woman significantly increased. Expert analysis, in the women’s economic independence, independent spirit of today, the fourth single tide is clearly responsible for curing this phenomenon from the real sense of responsibility. Single tide spawned single economy is more important, with the active choice of single people, but also led to the single economy". As early as 2001, the economist appeared on the "single women’s economy" concept. "They are the producers and consumers of the products and services of the advertising, publishing, entertainment and media industries. Because they are single and well paid, they are the best customers. Compared with other sectors, they spend more passion and impulse, as long as things are stylish, enough interest, they will be spending billions of dollars." The analysis found that, without considering the purchase of luxury single consumers accounted for 28.6%; 16% people go to a bar, at least a week KTV and nightlife; the maximum cost of 31.6% people a month for self entertainment or other social gatherings for future consumption, deposit insurance is only 5.4%. In addition to single apartments, high-quality single dating sites and the club continued flourishing, emphasizing the "living" and "risk prevention" concept of commercial insurance, as well as education, pension insurance as the core of financial management should be "think they want" counterpart products. Single tide what worries behind? Experts said that the single tide may also bring some problems. In 2014, China’s birth rate was 1.137%, belonging to the super low fertility industry, low fertility will not only lead to reduced labor force, the relative decline in the size of the market. In addition, the single tide is also one of the reasons for the growing population aging. According to the National Bureau of statistics 207相关的主题文章: