China’s new song champion was questioned Jiang Dunhao added 11 votes to the total number of

"The new song" champion Chinese questioned   Jiang Dunhao; to vote more than 11 votes, Yang added Guangdong channel — original title: "the new song China than the total champion" questioned Jiang Dunhao to vote more than 11 votes Jiang Dunhao Yang added to the audience than the total number of votes cast 59852 higher than in the ocean, to the music review cast 47 the ticket is higher than the 45 votes to win the championship to the ocean. But attentive audience found, China began a welcome at the pinnacle of the night is "81 judges" from the three places, and Jiang Dunhao wins the vote to the ocean — 47:45, the sum is 92 votes. Netizens said: "81 people cast 92 votes, I read the primary school, don’t lie to me." Media reporter to contact the program group, no response. But according to the voting music person said, perhaps because the voting machine is a problem, when some people worry about the music vote cast into the plug twice, so repeat count. But this is only one vote that has not yet been officially confirmed. Remember Jiang Dunhao Jiang Dunhao debuted in this "new" blind when singing, singing the song is Li Zhi’s "sky city", in the sense of Li Zhi version slightly vicissitudes of life is different, Jiang Dunhao’s interpretation is more quiet, there are critics of evaluation "he put Li Zhi’s singing a taste of Li Jian", and his mentor Wang Feng also praised: "do you want to sing more beautiful than Li Zhi". After the broadcast, the song also triggered netizens blitz, the ballad has once again become the music on the stage can not be ignored, and Jiang Dunhao himself in the "new song" the popularity of students on the list are often in the forefront. (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan) 《中国新歌声》冠军遭质疑 蒋敦豪向洋得票相加比总数多11票–广东频道–人民网 原标题:《中国新歌声》冠军遭质疑 蒋敦豪向洋得票相加比总数多11票   蒋敦豪以场内观众投出59852票高于亚军向洋、音乐评审投出47票高于向洋的45票夺得冠军。不过细心的观众却发现,华少在巅峰之夜一开始欢迎的是“来自两岸三地的81位评审”,而蒋敦豪胜向洋的票数是――47:45,相加却是92票。网友们表示:“81个人投出92票,我读过小学,别骗我。”有媒体记者联系节目组,暂时未有得到回应。不过据现场参加投票的音乐人表示,或许是因为投票机器出了问题,有的音乐人投票的时候担心没投进去,塞了两下,所以出现了重复计票。不过这只是投票人的猜测,尚未得到官方确认。   蒋敦豪   犹记蒋敦豪在今年《新歌声》盲选时首次登台时,演唱的歌曲是李志的《天空之城》,不同于李志版本略显沧桑之感,蒋敦豪的演绎更为悠静,有乐评人评价“他把李志的歌唱出了李健的味道”,而其导师汪峰也赞叹:“你要比李志唱得更加的优美”。节目播出后,这首歌也引发网友热捧,使得民谣曲风再度成为这个音乐舞台上不容忽视的存在,而蒋敦豪本人在《新歌声》的人气学员榜单上也常居前列。 (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章: