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Chinese football players lost secret: Qin Sheng and Lippi had a happy – Sohu sports country full list of 25 National People’s Congress (Sports Sohu Su Wen reported in October 31st) Beijing time on October 31st, Chinese Football Association announced a new phase of the national football squad, which is Lippi became the first national football coach after training. This list has mobilized 25 people, including Guangzhou Evergrande seven players selected. It is worth mentioning that, in the excellent performance of the national team, as well as the performance of the league in the Qin Sheng Qin has not been selected. A new issue of the list released, Hebei, China has not been selected players happy, including the outstanding performance in the national team Jiang Ning. The 40 leg of the last two games, Jiang Ning played well, to help the national team qualify for the top 12. In addition, in the national football game against Uzbekistan, Jiang Ning is only able to get the ball in the frontcourt player, player. But Jiang Ning did not the national team. According to understand, during Lippi coached Guangzhou Evergrande, Jiang Ning as the main substitute of Conca, has been outstanding, in some key matches also contributed an important goal. Even so, Jiang Ning’s performance is still unable to impress Lippi, but also with the club early in the morning, said Jiang Ning is not in his plans for the future of the. 2013, Jiang Ning also left Guangzhou hengda. This time, Lippi coach foot, which also means that the door of the country to close the door. In addition, from Shanghai Shenhua Qinsheng again defeated the national team. Qin Sheng season is very good, Shanghai Shenhua to Premier League fourth grades, Qin Sheng contribution obvious to people. Qin Sheng can not be selected Gao Hongbo’s national team, has been questioned. Lippi coached the Orangemen, Qinsheng again unsuccessful. In fact, Qin Sheng during the period with Lippi also had an unpleasant thing happened, and entered the list of cleaning Lippi. Despite the rise in Qin left Evergrande, said publicly that he and Hengda club and Lippi are not contradictory, not a fight with Lippi, but the match, Qin Sheng admitted on the training field and reserve team coach de Rosso almost beat up. At present, de Rosso also followed Lippi into the national team Chinese. Qin Sheng defeated country foot, is also reasonable. Sohu sports exclusive articles, prohibited reprint (source: Sohu sports)相关的主题文章: