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Reference-and-Education You may have noticed that, these days, there’s a veritable plethora of professional translation services available to anyone who needs them. You may also have noticed that there are increasingly greater numbers of people who require these services. In today’s modern global economy, where individuals from all corners of the world are communicating, translation services have never been more necessary. In fact, translation services are key aspects of modern commerce, particularly for businesses, as they help not only with communications, but with corporate image and marketing. After all, language plays a vital role in making your customers aware of your services and products, and if you can converse with your target audience in their native tongue, making them understand the advantages of using your services, there is a better probability of your making a sale. Fortunately, there is a multitude of professional translators available on the marketplace today, many of whom are dedicated to working on business promotions. One problem remains, however. How do you choose which language to use? After all, in most countries, a number of dialects prevail, and you may not have the resources to pay for translation into a variety of different languages. Fortunately, you already speak English, the world’s foremost business language. It makes sense, therefore, to present your material in English, along with the world’s second most popular language. Aside from English, there are several other widely spoken languages, including Cantonese, Spanish and French. Of these, French is the language that’s the preferred means of communication for around 265 million of the world’s population, and it’s used as a second or third language in around 35 nations. French – English translation is mainly used in the majority of these areas in some form or another. French is especially widely understood throughout Europe. It’s definitely among the most quickly learned of Europe’s modern languages, and bodies such as NATO and the UN make it their principal language, instead of English, because of this. Consequently, having an English-French translation of your business material immediately makes it available to a broader European, and therefore world-wide audience. French is not only popular and easily understood, but it’s also considered particularly prestigious. A report about the world’s 10 most influential languages, weighed six factors to come up with a result. The study stated that the total figure of primary speakers, the total figure of secondary speakers, and the demographics of countries where used, as well as the total of dominant fields using the language internationally. It also considered the economic prestige of nations using the language, and the socio-literary prestige associated with using it. The results of the investigation put French second after English. Therefore, chances are that if you offer an English – French translation, any of the world’s citizens will be certainly more able to understand your copy, as opposed to if you provide your material solely in English. Even where the language has no legal status, it’s often considered an influential minority language in trade, tourism, and the preferred foreign language of the young (such as in Romania). Here, an English – French translation of your company materials can help you get your business noticed by a youth demographic, instilling a brand awareness and loyalty that could last well into years of peak earning and consumption. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: