Coal production capacity has accelerated significantly – Shandong Channel – People’s network happynewyear

The coal production capacity to significantly speed up the progress of Shandong channel, newspaper Beijing on 13 October, (reporter Zhao Zhanhui) 13, the national development and Reform Commission held a press conference, deputy director of the policy research, development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin said that the recent capacity to significantly accelerate progress, he said, to the production capacity will not lead to a shortage of coal, the coal field the conditions and the ability to guarantee a stable supply. Zhao Chenxin, as of the end of September two, iron and steel, coal industry exit capacity has greatly improved, the progress data also verified, will be announced soon. The capacity to significantly accelerate progress, there are many causes of the inter ministerial joint meeting continued to promote the implementation of centralized interviews of relevant departments of the 12 provinces of coal production to the slow progress of work. The inter ministerial joint meeting consisting of the inspection team also went around to conduct a special inspection, and urge the progress of conduction layers of pressure. At the same time, joint law enforcement departments to strengthen the coordination of the working group, to carry out normalization of the elimination of backward production capacity, clean up illegal construction and production of joint law enforcement three special action illegal and ultra ability production has been effectively curbed. In addition, this year the prize money up coefficient is high, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the local back home. 1 – August national coal production fell by about 10%, coal production declined, prices rebounded, business conditions improved, boosted confidence in the relevant industries. But the recent market prices appear rising too quickly, in some areas and some electric power, iron and steel enterprises supply tight situation. "People’s Daily" (October 14, 2016 03 Edition) (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: