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College students cheated death, who is an accomplice? This paper,   Deng Haijian just in the past 24 hours, the Shandong Linyi people’s grief and anger of the day: Luozhuang high street in Tanzania community 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu, because college tuition was going away. Xu Yuyu college entrance examination this year to 568 points admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the 19 received a liar call, claiming that there are $2600 grants, after being cheated 9900 yuan tuition. On the way back to the police station, the girl breathing cardiac arrest, after two days after the hospital rescue, and ultimately died. The girl was alive: he cheats hard, died of depression. Telecommunications fraud misfortune, but not so tragic. Think back, who is not every day with a total survival of telecommunications fraud? People have up there…… The Ministry of public security on the front in the fight against Transnational telecommunications network fraud cases briefing disclosure, 2016, only the first half of the telecommunications network fraud cases reached 287 thousand, resulting in the loss of more than 80 yuan. Behind these huge numbers, probably corresponds countless "Xu Yuyu" hardly wished to live. To save money, money to go to school, family money, just fall into the trap of telecommunications fraud. Yes, strange kind of routine is not deep, strange and deceptive acting is fine, but in this rat crossing the street on the industrial chain, only the crooks in the self? Or in a more straight to the core of the problem — the death of Xu Yuyu, who is a liar who le to the girl’s neck the hand of an accomplice? 17185336302, that’s the phone that cheated Xu Yuyu. But the cold number into practice kill without spilling blood sword, requires three elements: one is not proof of personal privacy, two is not the real name of the phone number, bank card is three dragons and fishes jumbled together. Xu Yuyu’s phone number, in which link is leaked out? If you catch the murderer, probably went cold. Because there are too many possible, there are too many short board, so that personal privacy has become the fish on the chopping block. As for the crime number, which is reminiscent of a piece of news recently: the Ministry of virtual operators recently new network phone users real name registration work carried out unannounced visits found that 109 sales outlets inspection in violation ratio exceeds 3, the virtual operators to share the brand communication for the new network users and the existence of serious illegal the behavior of users in the network registration information. Many public security departments in the issuance of fraud warning, said paragraph 170171 is a telecommunications fraud hardest hit, one of the main reasons is the existence of loopholes in the non real name registration system". A prophecy, die. So, the bank card? If the bank card is not copied, check is harsh, the flow of funds can be a clue. Unfortunately, this, is still the bullpen shut the cat. The death of Xu Yuyu, the numbness angrily, it is because the girl said his sister and mother never have a disability and "shame" girl, but think shame fell into the trap of adults. The problem is that this is not a full social stigma, when the bottom line and order break bad, it is easy to be good, and even as a foolish and disgraceful punishment. This is tragic, beyond the system of acne. After all, Xu Yuyu could not die. According to the.相关的主题文章: