College students looking for Harbin haze report the biggest push hands

Survey of students looking for Harbin haze "the biggest push" original title: Harbin city looking for the "big push" haze: a survey of college students report author: Song Yuzheng WeChat public number: intellectual haze has become a troubled half China problem. This summer, a college student in the United States came to Harbin. In addition to feeling the city’s clean blue sky, he thought more: why these beautiful in winter no longer exist? To this end, he visited a number of central heating facilities, the old district and the villages in half a month and more time, and query the relevant information, try to analysis the reasons of Harbin haze lock. In this process, he saw the Harbin governance haze predicament in the process, also see the future and hope of the haze completely say goodbye. One afternoon in late August, my flight landed in Harbin. Harbin’s blue sky, the wind blowing the Songhua River Shushuang Qingming, with no trace of pollution. Summer in Harbin, I can not see traces of haze. This is also consistent with the Harbin environmental protection department to monitor the data – Harbin in August this year, all the air quality to achieve excellent or good. Before I came to Harbin, the city had heard of the haze. In 2013, on the second day of opening Harbin winter heating system, which is October 20, 2013, the northeast area as the center in Harbin is shrouded in thick fog, a plurality of monitoring points of the daily average concentration of PM2.5 reached 1000 micrograms per cubic meter, exceeding 40 times the safety standards of WHO. October 21, 2013, Harbin was shrouded in haze. Photograph: NASA of Heilongjiang Province Environmental Protection Science Research Institute Chi Xiaode, Harbin believes that the characteristics of air pollution is serious pollution in winter, mainly by burning straw, vehicle emissions, industrial emissions and other reasons, but one of the biggest causes of coal-fired heating or emissions, behind the "pushing hands" is the largest lignite. As early as 2015 before the heating season, the Harbin municipal government issued a paper called "the most stringent regulatory notice of coal", determined to completely cut off the Inner Mongolia lignite to city road, "the sky is blue, warm in the heating season seems in sight, but only until the people disappointed, just Northeast of heating. Harbin haze burst table, in November 2, 2015 20, the real-time concentration of Harbin 6 monitoring points PM2.5 burst table reached 500 micrograms per cubic meter, 11 monitoring points for all serious pollution. If it is really the biggest brown haze Harbin murderer, then Harbin is how to prevent haze it? This winter, Harbin will continue to suffer from haze this season? With these questions, taking advantage of the summer vacation, I came to the city during the heating season in Harbin. Harbin suffering from seasonal diseases and Beijing, Hebei and other places throughout the year there are different haze, Harbin in recent years, suffering from the disease seems to be a season, only in the heating season. If the history data through the Ministry of environmental protection are given in 2014 and 2015, we will send Wei相关的主题文章: