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[color] baby 16299th Fucai 3D recommended summary [color] baby BLUELOVER 3d16299 forecast: the large number of number based lottery 3D 2016298th lottery number: 651, six groups of morphology, size ratio of 2:1, parity ratio of 2:1, and the value of 12, a span of 5. 3D2016299 lottery experts predict number: warm number: a warm temperature increase in number, 100 and a bit out of a different, specific value is 61, with the number of omission on the next of the next period on temperature cooling performance code. Mass distribution: a mass proportion out of 2:1, through the analysis of the specific open prize number number, number of desire is not strong, this period can be killed. 012 way analysis: the last out of 012 than 1:1:1, with nearly 30 of the 012 movements, a new period of 012 road 010 Road, 100 road recommendations concern. The average recommended: the period of average value out of 4 points, see active regions at present obvious mean distribution in this period, should be opened at odd intervals on the mean. The size of forecast: 298 out of 2 pieces of large numbers, large number show warmer state, suggest 299 phase are the large number of number. (source: baby net color) [color] plays the master predicted baby lottery 3D16299 hot code period: low probability of lottery 3D 2016298th lottery number is 651, and the value of 12 points, the size and shape of large size, parity form Kiki pairs, span value of 5. 3D predicted number 2016299 most quasi latest: cold cold number: on the number 5 prize, a recent period of time, cold code remained stable, the new 299 can continue to pay attention to the cold number. Hot code: on a lottery results without hot code coming from the lottery data in the past 30 period, the period of recovery is not the probability of hot code. Temperature forecast: 16298 out of the temperature of 2, according to the historical trend of the situation, the next phase of the temperature is expected to maintain the number of prizes before the trend. Ten difference: a ten difference was 4, missing nearly seven in multi period cold difference covering a few times, predict 299 ten difference in temperature, hot spots will still leave. Ten and: two consecutive two and the sum of the 6 points, the last phase of the omission of more than 10 period of the last one and the value of the back of the top ten, the next phase of the proposed lock and the value of ten interval 4-10. (source: baby net color) [color] forecast baby Xiaoxiao 3D16299 period: ten raindance lottery lottery 3D victory over the 2 Road 2016298th lottery number 651, weight code out of two, and the value rose to 12 points, 5 points to span. 2016299 3D test machine number before the forecast analysis: hundred digits: 100 in 298 out of the 6, judging from the trend, the current number of small and medium areas is expected to strong performance. Ten Views: the ten issue number 5, nearly five ten ball was in the order of 3-8-8-6-5, a new ten bit code and then drop the lore of 2 may. Bit:)相关的主题文章: