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Enterprise financial debt restructuring enterprises — financial – lock three original title: corporate finance debt restructuring locked three enterprises Chinese recently, the CBRC issued the "on the creditors’ committee of banking financial institutions related work notice", (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). The purpose is to require the banking institutions to strengthen the management of financial creditor’s rights, maintain economic and financial order, norms and do the creditors’ Committee related work, guiding enterprises to finance debt restructuring, difficult to help enterprises out of difficulties, to support the real economy development. At present, the economy is in the down period, the repayment pressure increases. Regulators in the early stage of the scale of bank loans in the proportion of corporate assets higher than the current situation of the "notice"." Lianxun Securities Research Director Fu Lichun told reporters that this is in order to avoid business loans because too fast out of bankruptcy caused by other serious situation, because if this kind of situation, also has the relative risk for banks. Bank financial Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Director cenggang pointed out that, over a period of time, from the micro level, the relationship between banks and enterprises showing a vicious spiral phenomenon. With the rise of credit risk, the repayment ability of the enterprise becomes poor, resulting in micro bank losses increase, banks in order to reduce losses, will be higher, so the enterprise level increased tension, lead to increased risk of enterprise, is justified from the micro perspective of the vicious spiral, which is decided by the market mechanism. But this process will increase the risk of enterprises and banks, so the market mechanism alone can not be resolved, because if each bank has a similar idea, it will lead to excessive pumping behavior. Regulatory introduction of the notice, but also in an attempt to stabilize the behavior of banking institutions, reduce excessive lending may lead to a vicious cycle." Had just said. "Notice" a total of sixteen, clearly the nature, duty and work principle of the debt Commission, the provisions of the debt and the establishment of the committee members and the rules of procedure, financial support and guidance and coordination etc., put forward the implementation of the relevant requirements of enterprise financial debt restructuring. Which provides the nature of the debt Committee, is a large scale debt difficulties of the enterprise more than three creditor’s rights banking financial institutions initiated the establishment of consultation, self-discipline, temporary organization. The debt Committee duties, in accordance with the "guidelines on collective one policy to increase loans, loans, loan restructuring, steady reduction and other measures, in order to carry out debt restructuring, asset preservation and other related work, ensure that the banking financial institutions to form a joint force. In terms of financial support, to ensure the normal operation of enterprises, enterprises put forward new demand for funds with good reason, the debt can be supported by the Commission to form a syndicated loan, the establishment of a joint credit mechanism or closed financing etc.. The creditor banking financial institutions shall act together, to achieve stable expectations, stable credit, stable support, not free to stop lending, loan pumping; can be recovered through the necessary risk control, loan extension, Xudai etc., to maximize the help enterprise solution. "Notice" provides that the development of financial debt restructuring enterprises should have the following conditions: first, the development of enterprises in line with national macroeconomic policy, industrial policy and financial support policy相关的主题文章: