Creative food – train – Sohu maternal and child drop dead diva

Creative delicacy – small train – Sohu mother I think most children know Thomas small train cars, toys are also popular, son’s eyes only, often let me do the car today would be a small delicacy, make him happy under the train. Production process of raw materials 1, letinous edodes to the foot, hibiscus flower stalks wash pot, boil water, put a small amount of oil and salt, the first letinous edodes in 2, blanch; one or two minutes after joining together 3, hibiscus Cheuk; in another minute, the letinous edodes and hibiscus flowers picked up toast; cut out a small train locomotive and carriage, carrot discs, walnut shell, with toast when the train, when letinous edodes smoke, when the wheel at the bottom of the carrot, put some walnuts as the ground, it is the image of a small train appeared. Cooking techniques suitable for over 3 years old label puzzle appetite vitamin supplement meals breakfast classification recommended reason letinous edodes contains polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, can enhance the body’s immune function, hibiscus contains crude fiber, as well as reducing sugar, vitamin C, calcium, iron, zinc and so on. It contains flavonoids, also has a high nutritional value of carrot walnut, this small train full of nutrition, and who are unwilling to accept. Author: Ma Ma相关的主题文章: