Crude oil trouble has just begun, not to settle down, but not to

Oil trouble begins is not stabilized and that there is no rising hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client despite last week crude oil prices rose 4%, but a foreseen crash of January technical analysts on Saturday fell (January 30th) that commodity xiongtu long. "Oil prices from $27 to $34, compared with the low prices of about 25%, but the oil market is still facing downward trend," Cornerstone Macro analyst Carter Worth said two weeks ago that "to some extent, the price seems to be the bottom, but seemingly not found at the bottom." (source: CNBC) crude oil has been since 2014 highs fell 70%, Worth pointed out that any rebound "commodities are reverse trend just continued to decline under the trend of rising." According to Worth, back in 1980s crude oil price range can be found within the last 20 years, crude oil was steady at 10 to $40 trading range. In 2009 and the latest round of decline, crude oil has dropped by 40 U. S. dollar limit, which is worth noting. (source: CNBC) "it is possible that oil prices will be trapped here," Worth said, "but the prices will rebound sharply again this concept, did not have any signs of this point." As for the best way to play down crude oil, Worth proposes to continue to sell energy and energy stocks. The most important thing is to dilute all the gains. Watch the S & P 500 and energy stocks ETF chart, the trend began to split in 2013 is finally coming to an end. For this reason, he said, it would be wise to stay away from this area before crude oil routes could be consolidated. (source: CNBC) "we have plenty of time to determine whether prices will go up," Worth said, "at present, we must confirm whether prices will continue to decline." Worth has long been known for its bold and accurate predictions. In 2007, when the stock market was near record highs, he said the bull market was over. Last September, he again predicted that the bull market had ended recently. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

原油的麻烦才刚开始 不在于止跌而在于没有上涨 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   尽管上周原油价格涨幅达到4%,但一位预见到1月股市崩跌的技术分析师上周六(1月30日)认为,大宗商品熊途漫漫。   “油价已自27美元升至34美元,较低位上涨约25%,但油市仍面临下滑趋势,”Cornerstone Macro技术分析师Carter Worth两周前表示,“某种程度上,油价看似正在寻底,但看似尚未寻得底部。” (图片来源:CNBC)   原油已自2014年高点下跌70%,Worth指出,大宗商品的任何反弹“都只是持续下降趋势下的反趋势性上涨。”   据Worth称,追溯1980年代的原油价格区间可以发现,原油在近20年时间内持稳于10至40美元的交投区间内。2009年及最新一轮跌势中中,原油已经跌穿40美元限价,这一点值得注意。 (图片来源:CNBC)   “很有可能油价将被困在这里,”Worth表示,“但有关油价将再次大幅反弹这一概念,并未有任何迹象表明这一点。”   至于玩转原油崩跌的最好办法,Worth建议继续看跌能源和能源股。最重要的是,淡化所有涨势。   观察标普500和能源股ETF图表,2013年开始的走势分化终于即将告一段落。他表示,基于这一理由,明智的做法就是在原油路径得以巩固之前远离这一领域。 (图片来源:CNBC)   “我们有大量时间判断油价是否将走高,”Worth表示,“当前,我们必须确认油价是否不会继续走低。”   长期以来,Worth以大胆、精确预测而闻名。2007年当股市接近纪录高位时,他曾表示牛市已经结束。去年9月,他再次预计近期牛市已经终结。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: