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Hubei Danjiangkou farmers made amphibious vehicles have made submarines sensational Tan Yong shows he produced "amphibious vehicles," Qin Chu network news (Shiyan evening news reporter Intern Zhang Xinjun He Caixia) the reporter Zhang Qiguo video map reporter Luo Wei reported: "I want to feel no effect, but also need to be further improved." After successfully created a national sensation "submarine", Danjiangkou man Tan Yong day before DIY an amphibious vehicle". Yesterday, he conducted a trial, but the effect is not ideal. Tan Yong is a 46 year old Lee Village Danjiangkou City cattle River Forest farmers. For a long time, he had a dream, to create a "submarine", to the underwater world to see. To this end, he spent 5 months at a cost of more than 3 yuan, to create a "submarine", in August 2014 the first dive, ended in failure, but this does not hinder his persistent pursuit of the dream. In October of that year, after careful improvement, he finally drove the submarine, successfully dive to 10 meters deep position. The "submarine" successful dive, he did not stop, but while working to earn money while continuing to engage his invention. A few days ago, he told reporters on the phone, and made a new gadget. Yesterday morning, the reporters came to the home of Tan Yong, in his work outdoors, a blue car looks very conspicuous, "I named it" amphibious vehicles ", 4.2 meters long, 1.8 meters wide, the vehicle weighs more than 500 pounds, spent 5000 yuan of money. In fact, last year, well, feel good!" Tan Yong pointed to his invention, confidently introduced the situation. Tan Yong shows he produced "amphibious vehicles," he said, he was originally designed to be inefficient ship, later in the production process, find design problems, "is too large, the bow is too wide in the water running resistance is too large, it is difficult to feel successful." In the end, he decided to build a "amphibious vehicle."". After nearly a month of time, his "amphibian" success "was released, pulled into the river, success with 8 men driving slowly, then I drove it in the village on the road around several times, the effect can also be." Then, reporters should be invited, he decided to drive their own "amphibious vehicles" to try the effect, open the engine, "beep beep" sound is very large, from time to time in the process of running flameout, the wheels also staggered, similar to exceed bazibu. The reporters found that the "amphibious car body is welded together with a block of iron he, the engine is removed from the other device, the seat is used car seat," amphibious car "is actually more like a toy assembly. Several experiments, did not achieve the desired effect of Tan Yong, he felt a little lost face, I did not achieve the desired effect, but also need further improvement." He said. Reporter notes: What Invention in Tan Yong working outside, let his fame, spend 30 thousand yuan "invention" of the "submarine" was shelved. This shows that he knows that his inventions are of little value,.相关的主题文章: