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The depth of Yu Chengdong dialogue: HUAWEI VR Mate9 decryption strategy about the story behind the scenes – Sohu technology wise things (public No.: zhidxcom) in the | Ren Zhi things today in Shanghai in November 14th, HUAWEI released its annual flagship intelligent mobile phone products Mate 9 series, although this product has recently published in the overseas, but the domestic debut is still many places worthy of concern in the industry, such as Mate 9 and Mate 9 Porsche design version in addition to the domestic market, also launched 9 Mate Pro, popular Porsche Mate 9 version although the price up to 8999 yuan, but the ratio of overseas edition price or lower a lot. Not only the final price of domestic mobile phone itself and the market strategy and overseas have many different, but in the release of the final link is accidentally introduced HUAWEI led BAT and NetEase a few Internet heavyweights, set up in the Ministry under the support of Android green alliance; at the same time wise things (public No.: zhidxcom) after the meeting of Zhu Ping CEO Yu Chengdong and HUAWEI consumer business China president in an interview with Yu Chengdong for the first time in detail about VR and HUAWEI in the layout of ecological sports wear and ideas. For these points by Yu Chengdong revealed in the HUAWEI product of the year show the dry cargo information we will comb, I’m impressed point is that HUAWEI launched smart mobile phone products in a series of high-end positioning and in artificial intelligence, VR and exercise health ecological aspects of construction layout is worth more concern. First, HUAWEI sports ecological health has pulled more than and 20 partners in Yu Chengdong a more than and 70 minute speech, a slide switch on the big screen is very fast, but there are two frames is especially important in the mobile phone. One of the pages is about HUAWEI sports health ecology that can be seen. This ecosystem has joined a number of intelligent hardware and sports health Internet service platform. Simple count the intelligent hardware ten, including OMRON, wearable blood pressure meter products Music Center, Mu Jiankang wood and PICOOC and other start-up companies, such as Jabra and traditional sports wear brand. The service platform in the list of eleven, including the plump, music power sports such as APP, have medical applications like rain doctors, also joined the National Institute of sports science. So HUAWEI is not only mobile phone manufacturers themselves are making watches and bracelets, also have "draw" a soft Hard Suits Inc a number of sports health, do their own platform, this strategy with the apple iOS and Apple Watch on the movement of ecological building is the same, just to see in front of the progress of relatively low-key. According to intellectual things had to understand, HUAWEI’s clothing, VR and other businesses are located in a department called fusion equipment, belonging to the consumer business. What wisdom asked HUAWEI in the sports and health aspects of the layout, Yu Chengdong gives the answer, HUAWEI sports health continues to improve, mainly in two aspects, one is to improve the experience, the two is the establishment of the platform is to target.相关的主题文章: