Deyang citizens home windows are bullet holes double sound insulation glass breakdown (video) 97179

Deyang citizens home windows are "bullet holes" double sound insulation glass breakdown live in Nancheng Department District Public Yang two days is on tenterhooks, get up at 19 in the morning, Mr. Yang’s wife accidentally found a small hole in the bedroom window, look carefully, it is like a bullet holes, the one family spooked. Mr. Yang’s house lives on the 10 floor, the windows are double insulated glass, so thick glass can be broken, and if it is hit people, the consequences are really unimaginable. Mr. Yang said, the breakdown of his window glass in the area is not the first time, just a few years ago, downstairs neighbor glass was also unknown objects pierced through two holes. From the shape of the hole and the strength of the attack, Mr. Yang speculated that it might have been caused by air guns, steel ball guns or simulated guns. Now, Mr. Yang has been reported to the police, hoping to find the others to fight the "murderer", let the glass the whole family can sleep. According to the provisions of China’s "gun", ordinary citizens in possession of standard firearms, homemade firearms and ammunition and so on, are illegal, even imitation guns are no exception. Because of the serious consequences of the use of the firearms, it will be severely punished according to law. Citizens with illegal guns should take guns as soon as possible to the public security organs and accept leniency. Otherwise, once found, it will be investigated and dealt with according to law. Deyang (micro-blog) broadcast television reporter Li Lingxiao Jing balcony editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading Jiangsu: residents of the home is seeking to stimulate the man discovered.

德阳市民家中窗户现“弹孔” 双层隔音玻璃被击穿 家住南城都汇小区的市民杨先生这两天是坐立不安,在19日早上起床的时候,杨先生的老婆无意之中发现寝室的窗户上有一个小洞,仔细一看,很像是一个“弹孔”,这可把一家人吓得不轻。杨先生的家住在10楼,家中窗户都是双层隔音玻璃,这么厚的玻璃都能被击穿了,那如果是打到人的身上,后果真是不堪设想。杨先生说,自己家窗玻璃被击穿的事情在小区里已经不是第一次了,就在不久前,楼下邻居家的玻璃也被不明物体打穿了两个洞。从洞口的形状和打击的力度上来看,杨先生推测有可能是有人用气枪、钢珠枪或仿真枪射击所致。眼下,杨先生已经向警方报案,期望能够早日找出这个乱打别人家玻璃的“真凶”,让全家老小都能睡个安稳觉。根据我国《枪支管理法》的规定,普通公民私藏制式枪支、自制枪支弹药等等,都是属于违法行为,即使是仿真枪也不例外。而因使用上述枪支造成严重后果的,将被依法严厉制裁。有非法持枪的市民应该尽快主动将枪支上交公安机关,接受宽大处理。否则,一旦被发现,将被依法查处。德阳(微博)广播电视台记者李凌霄 旌阳台编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 江苏:居民家惊现弹孔 原是男子寻刺激相关的主题文章: