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The children do not shout, this method is simple and disciplining children – Sohu [picture] maternal attention selection, get the wisdom of parenting! Method: open WeChat to add a friend to search the number to jxhuiben! 0-13 years old is the child’s most creative stage, many successful people have produced at this stage. Love children is not indulgent, parents need to let things drift, bold discipline children, unjustifiable restraint their behavior. Discipline and love must be closely integrated, and no one can. How to love children? To make good use of love discipline constraints children. Disciplining children is an art. 1 cultivate children’s awareness of the importance of the relationship between parents and children is the most important social relationship that a child has to face. So, let the children respect their parents is responsible for the child’s life. Some children are superior to their parents because they have no respect for their parents. Parents should have a right attitude, when the child to do a good job, it is time to praise; when the child is not right, to be severely criticized. Rome was not built in a day, any results are not caused by a short duration of time, there are profound reasons. If young children first contradict their parents, parents as a joke, then the conflict is very difficult to win. As an educator said: "if you can’t make a five year old child put the toys picked up from the ground, you will not be able to effectively control the adolescent life into the most intense period against the purposes of any degree in children." Connivance of children rude, equal to the crime hidden. 2 do not let children get a vexatious, I went to a shopping mall, saw a two or three year old child to buy a very expensive toy, mother not to buy him. The child is crying, the mother simply sat in public cuff and kick, later on. Made the mother is very embarrassed, how to persuade not to coax. Mother sighed, took out her wallet and prepared to yield". I stopped her: "I can’t get used to him! Get any benefits cannot make vexatious child, or you have to suffer a lifetime." I advised her to leave at once, not to the child. The baby cried even more. I said to the child, "sit on the floor and cry. You see, mother has gone, she will not give a child so impolite to buy toys! We will not listen to you!" Later, I waved his hand, let the crowd all. The tears of the child’s fingers separated by a seam, looked at, we are gone, the mother also "go". He immediately stopped crying, climbed up to catch up with his mother. Seeing her mother not to go back to the front, the child anxious, shouting: "Mom, wait for me! I don’t make it! Wait me!" Mom won, disrespectful children lost! If the mother heart a soft, bought the toy, the child will not cure". Since then, the mother will become a victim of child emotional blackmail. You know, how much is the "bully".相关的主题文章: