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Your domain name is going to be the place that you refer everyone to and when you start to build your site you are not going to want to change it mid stream. So pick one that you want. With all of the domains that are being used you would think that all of the "good ones" are gone. I have been very fortunate to find pretty much just what I was looking for. DO NOT PICK A NAME BECAUSE IT IS CUTE! You will find that as time goes on that building a successful web site is not due to one big thing. It is because you did a lot of little things right. With that said the very first place to start is selecting the right domain name. Keywords will play a large part in everything that you do on the Internet and your new domain name is no exception. You can use a free keyword tool located here: This link available by going to my site. With this keyword tool you can search for the most popular keywords associated with whatever product or service that you are going to be promoting with your new web site. For an example we will look at this article that you are reading now. yes, I use keywords in everything that I do. Before I wrote the article I did a few keyword searches and I saw these results: 2173 domain name registration This means that there were 2,173 searches for the keyword phrase "domain name registration". My first choice was "best domain name" which had the following results. 3 best place to register domain name I did this quick check just to name the article you are reading right now. So do a little brainstorming and make a list of keywords and keyword phrases that fit your new web site. Once you .e up with the best .bination make sure to chack the name for a few other things before you go out and buy it. Can you repeat the name easily over the phone? You probably will have the occasion to have to give someone your domain name over the phone or in person so it is best if it can be easily understood. Keep an eye out for words that can easily be misspelled. Make sure if the domain name has a word that could be a number such as: buyleadsforless.. OR buyleads4less.. I guarantee that you will be answering the question over and over again about which way to spell it or worse yet people will assume the wrong spelling and never end up at your site. You can .pensate for this by purchasing both names and then redirecting the 2nd site to your main site. Many people register the misspelled names just for the possibility of capturing the extra traffic. So you have done your home work and you have a keyword rich domain name selected. Now it is time to go and make your purchase. But where? There are hundreds of places to go for domain name registration. The typical pricing is in the range of $7.00 – $15.00 per year. Just about any domain registry will do. Most people have heard of Go daddy for domain registration because they have the best pricing. Unfortunately they also have the most confusing user panel that I have ever seen. Even though I do have domains registered there and I cringe when it is time to go into the panel and make any changes. Fortunately most domain name registration panels rarely need to be accessed after they are initially setup. You will only need to do the following steps when you make your purchase: * Purchase the Domain Name with a credit or debit card. o Checks are rarely used on the Inter. There is one more step that is required after you make your purchase. That is pointing your domain to your new host. At this point we have not covered hosting or name servers but we do not need to just yet. Get your new domain registered. An aged domain has certain advantages so I don’t care if you are not going to be ready for a month. Get your domain name picked our and make your purchase. The cost is very cheap for a piece of Inter. Real Estate so do it now. Just a Note: I have in the past had the perfect domain name picked out. It was everything that I wanted. I even did a search to see it was available. I put the purchase off and when I got back to it someone else grabbed it. Don’t let this happen to you. Get all of the free tools to register the right domain name. 相关的主题文章: