Dow, President of the American Tourism Association Roger why the United States tourism growth rate –

Dow, President of the United States Tourism Association Roger why the United States tourism growth rate – Sohu travel Roger Dow has been worried about the combined role of internal and external factors, visitors will travel to other parts of the United states. As president of the American Travel Association, Dow is responsible for the domestic and international tourism business has been on the rise. But 2016 seems to be a turning point in the American tourist boom. According to the U.S. tourism recently released the main tourism index shows that the growth rate of domestic tourism has slowed to 2012 levels. Due to the rise in the dollar exchange rate, coupled with limited domestic airline routes, the development of international tourism in the United States also showed a weak trend. Skift: this year, the United States has encountered strong resistance to the development of tourism, how do you think the tourism industry is suffering from disaster Dow: tourism, like water, always looking for the easiest way out. The current line is difficult, it will find another way. If we do not allow visitors to quickly pass the customs, they said they would travel to Canada or europe. When there is something to hinder the development of tourism, the barrier will make the development of the u.s.. We are reminding the industry to inform them of the factors that we believe will slow the growth of tourism. One factor is that the rise in the dollar has made it a huge expense for Canadian and European tourists to visit the United states. Another factor is that the implementation of the visa waiver program, some people do not understand the visa program may oppose the plan. Visa program to increase overseas travel nearly 60%, cancel this plan will be a disaster in the financial sector and business. We like these worries Zika virus epidemic, let us know that the tourism industry is a very powerful industry, but it is also very fragile, any small obstacles may make us come to naught. Skift: the integration of American Airlines is how to influence the healthy development of the whole tourism industry based on Dow:? All American airlines do, if I were them a member of the board of directors, I would give them applause. But they basically just cancel some of the less profitable routes, if you want to go to Pittsburgh, Cleveland or Palm Springs and other cities, flights may be less than five years ago, 30% to 50%. This is not conducive to the development of American airlines. Although airlines have been constantly improving the service system, but for most people it is synonymous with ticket prices. Our airlines are doing very well and we want them to do better, but not at the expense of the US economy and jobs. Skift: what is the impact of the dollar’s strength on the tourism economy as a whole: Dow: when it comes to the choice of hotels or tourists to buy souvenirs, we see that the amount of money spent by tourists is decreasing. It’s not like a Broadway show, they might just have three more expensive dinners instead of a $five meal. Other tourist spending has also begun to decline, compared with luxury hotels, they prefer to stay in a slightly lower price of high-end hotels. We watched the exchange rate flat and began to fall. The decline in inbound tourism has damaged the hotel industry, which is not to say that the T相关的主题文章: