Eight water for reverse Black long straight Fan Ye also play the poisoning makeup (video) jodie foster

Eight: water for reverse? Black long straight Fan Ye also play the poisoning source: put on makeup makeup poisoning hair WeChat subscription number eight (bagongju) to turn off the lights for night, suffering from heart disease in eight shenru put hardcore big down down down "yellow hair lips, Bing Bing, are you okay, Bing Bing, you swollen……" Fan Bingbing micro-blog sun shine "scare" dead lips smokey-eye make-up who is this dirty color, the seductive queen poisoning makeup, and Virgo water has begun to reverse, the public seems to give Virgo can not control the body in the field force turned to! A little about science, water inverse affects memory, communication, transportation, communications and other related matters, will make to become slow, and even aware of some obstacles in the process, let people feel depressed, no wonder the lift has ~ feel slow thinking, miss connie…… Well, return to the topic, or to work in yellow and red lips, eight for really flattered…… Or like Fan Ye black long straight…… But today, let’s forget to kill Matt! What is the makeup makeup poisoning poisoning, as the name suggests, the makeup of the actress is like the poisonous body. They probably have makeup confused, mistaken black lips black eyeliner is punk beauty, so it will fall to pursue this trend. Star occasionally want to change the usual makeup, playing a little change, of course, even if the change of beauty is the first one, "poisoning" makeup is the actress who preferred. A pair of ice strikes: senior game player Wuli poisoning makeup makeup hair is not the Fan Ye ~ first slightly fine cos poisoning synophrys, the color of the smokey-eye make-up, eye shadow instead of eyeliner, with classic black hair, the same deep coquettish. For eight feel compared to the yellow and red lips, the more sense of shock, but also more in line with the Fan Ye temperament. Black hand wave hair, shallow eyebrow color, moderate eyeliner, with deep purple lips against the bright white skin, a modified Chinese purple dress, makeup poisoning after this improvement could seem like retro, from ancient times through to the ancient beauty. Coincidentally Wuli another Bing Bing in Transformers’s appearance, handsome synophrys, thick eyeliner, extremely cold ruthless Li, filling the Transformers manufacturing group Chinese CEO domineering female scientists. Dark jujube color red lips, big head back, plus metal skin, ice moving. Thick eyebrows straight, thick eyelashes, pale brown facial makeup flawless collocation, partial dark lips, which makes the whole face sharp. Two, MOMO Wu Mo: Wu Mo gas poisoning personal independence of conduct makeup since Needless to say, Europe and the full range of her born for poisoning makeup, see the black eye, dark green of the spring, plus Manicure, this is Wu mo! Three, my cousin Liu Wen: what other can hold cousin since Needless to say, standing there is a fan ~ what poisoning makeup, makeup, dark smokey-eye make-up, all be nothing difficult…… Four, small s funny: variety makeup queen black small interpretation so ethereal, unique. Loose lips, dark eyes, in contrast to the white muscle, have deep poisoning, the identification is completed! S makeup hair, quite a bit old girl: Shanghai pictorial相关的主题文章: