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"Eleven" golden week   Liaoning hot spring tour rural tourism hot – Liaoning Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn October 10 Shenyang Xinhua (Tang Long) "eleven" during the golden week, Liaoning tourism market is booming, the province’s total tourism revenue reached 22 billion 790 million yuan, an increase of 13.1%, a total of 39 million 710 thousand tourists trips, an increase of 12.3%, not travel accidents. Hot spring tour, self driving tour and rural tourism have become the three highlights, which are favored by tourists. It is reported that, in order to meet the "eleven" golden week, allowing visitors to "Le Tour Liaoning trip", Liaoning tourism departments at all levels around the autumn tourism theme, early deployment, planning a health spa, mountain maple, pastoral picking more than 170 theme tourism activities, products and more than 40 tourist routes. Provincial Tourism Committee also jointly with the Provincial Sports Bureau and other departments launched the national off-road vehicle King race, the wisdom of mountains and rivers city international marathon, colorful Liaoning international extreme cross-country challenge, Liaoning eleventh paragliding invitational tournament and other industries integrated development of tourism projects. The "eleven" period, the province’s major The house is full of guests. Spa Resort, tourist bus and self driving tourists experience hot springs The stream never stops flowing., in a continuous line from the northeast and Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. Ming Lake International, oasis in Dalian, Dong Quan Chuan Qi Bo, Hongyuan g-tek Resort & Spa Resort, such as the occupancy rate is close to 100%, the Park Hot Springs Resort on October 1st to 2, accommodation exceeded million passengers, hard to find a room. Anshan Qianshan Tanggangzi hot springs, hot springs, hot springs, Haicheng Geng Zhuang East Sifangtai Spa, Xiuyan Ditch soup hot spring tourists every day were close to the saturated state. Gongchangling Liaoyang hot spring resort has a total of 134 thousand visitors, with a tourism income of 47 million 290 thousand yuan. According to traffic statistics, in from October 1st to 6th, Liaoning expressway passenger cars 23 million 290 thousand, an increase of 17.1%. The number of vehicles entering Dandong increased by 120 thousand vehicles. Dalian receives foreign self driving, an increase of 15.7%. The number of self driving tourists increased significantly in the main scenic spots of the province. Self driving tourists in Liaoyang, Dandong, Benxi and other scenic spots account for more than 80% of the total tourists. Among them, Liaoyang Gongchangling hot spring resort received 24 thousand cars from driving, shopping tourism reception tongerpu self driving 21 thousand cars. According to the tourism sector, rural tourism is becoming a new hot spot for people to travel. Such as wa Zi Gongchangling ditch village of Liaoyang city on the flowers and green food project and folk nostalgia has attracted many tourists to enjoy the fun of rural tourism, the nuclear group ditch Forest Park attracted a large number of painting and photography enthusiasts, tourists nearly million. Panjin around Yang Wan, Green Bay scenic spots and Tieling County pawnshop, Changtu County Sun Village and other villages attracted a large number of tourists to backpack camping, Lake riding, picking fishing, tasting the farm soil dishes, enjoy the pastoral music. (soup: dragon, commissioning editor Xiao Yuan) “十一”黄金周 辽宁温泉游乡村游火热–辽宁频道–人民网 人民网沈阳10月10日电(汤龙)“十一”黄金周期间,辽宁旅游市场红红火火,全省旅游总收入达227.9亿元,同比增长13.1%,共接待游客3971万人次,同比增长12.3%,未发生旅游安全事故。温泉游、自驾游、乡村游成为三大亮点,倍受游客青睐。 据悉,为迎接“十一”黄金周、让游客“乐游辽宁,不虚此行”,辽宁各级旅游部门围绕秋季旅游主题,提早部署,策划了温泉养生、登山赏枫、田园采摘等170余项旅游活动、主题产品和40余条旅游线路。省旅发委还联合省体育局等部门推出了全国越野车王争霸赛、智慧山水城国际马拉松赛、五彩辽宁国际极限越野挑战赛、辽宁省第十一届滑翔伞邀请赛等产业融合发展旅游项目。 “十一”期间,省内各大温泉度假区宾客盈门,旅游大巴和自驾车川流不息,来自东北和京津冀地区体验温泉的游客络绎不绝。大连的铭湖国际、东泉绿洲里、良运传琦、安波鸿源等温泉度假酒店、度假区客房入住率都接近100%,其中成园温泉山庄10月1日至2日,接待量突破万人次,客房一床难求。鞍山的千山温泉、汤岗子温泉、海城耿庄温泉、东四方台温泉、岫岩沟汤温泉每天接待游客量均接近饱和状态。辽阳弓长岭温泉旅游度假区共接待游客13.4万人次,实现旅游收入4729万元。 据交通部门统计,10月1日至6日,辽宁高速公路通行客车2329万辆,同比增长17.1%。驶入丹东的车辆同比增加12万辆。大连接待外来自驾车同比增长15.7%。全省各主要景区的自驾游游客明显增多。辽阳、丹东、本溪等市各景区的自驾车游客占游客总量的80%以上。其中,辽阳弓长岭温泉旅游度假区接待自驾车2.4万辆,佟二堡购物旅游区接待自驾车2.1万辆。 据旅游部门反映,乡村游正在成为人们旅游的新热点。如辽阳市弓长岭瓦子沟村以大地花海项目及民俗乡情和绿色餐饮吸引了众多游客尽享乡村旅游带来的乐趣,核伙沟森林公园吸引了大量的写生和摄影爱好者,接待游客近万人次。盘锦绕阳湾、绿水湾景区和铁岭县当铺屯、昌图县太阳山村等乡村吸引了大批游客前来背包露营、湖畔骑行、采摘垂钓,品尝农家土菜,尽享田园之乐。 (责编:汤龙、孝媛)相关的主题文章: