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Emboldened patriotic more calm (commentator observation) – Inner Mongolia Channel – more Chinese people.com.cn rise practice based on identity and sense of belonging, so that we can more comfortable in front of China history, also can see the West eleven is approaching to head up eyes, strong atmosphere: National Day streets and lanes Memorial Museum more gaze people, touch countries from the historical origin; campus many elements of the motherland, patriotic seeds sown in the hearts of young red flag; many high streets and back lanes, people pass each other with a sense of community. These remind us that the National Day is not only a holiday, but also a festival, is to revisit the national memory, the time to share the national glory. The born homeland attachment, love of community of destiny of the motherland, is the human common psychological demands. As a result, every minute of progress in the country can inspire people’s deepest sense of national pride. On the eve of the national day, known as the "seven wonders of the modern world," one of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge completed, the world’s largest single radio telescope built, the world’s largest gene bank in Shenzhen to put into operation…… These breakthrough not only caused a sensation in the world, also aroused billows in each of the hearts of people, make people feel proud as a Chinese. If the field of vision, dating back more than 60 years ago, from being expelled from the ball, the pressure of the departure of us, could have thought today can go so far? 50 years ago, the per capita GDP is only 254 yuan, in half a century, an increase of 200 times; since the reform and opening up, China GDP for 30 years of rapid growth, has become the second largest economy in the world; the net for 20 years, Chinese has the world’s largest number of Internet users and the largest Internet market…… The strong contrast of the figures, depicting the development of China’s trajectory, but also shows that after 67 years of hard work, the reform and opening up of China in the past 38 years, has stood at a new historical starting point, increasingly toward the center of the world stage. This is the Chinese confidence, confidence lies. Chinese people are proud of, not only the result of China’s progress, but also China’s way forward. Compared with the history of successively rising power, more Chinese is to realize the modernization of endogenous evolution on the basis of the contradictions in the local scope of digestive modernization, not from his country plunder resources, nor to the country he passed the crisis. The new starting point of the China, will be the first not to rely on aggression and rising powers in human history, it enriches the human development mode, change the paradigm of the rise of great powers. In this regard, there are international observers bluntly, "to the world,   China’s peaceful rise is an innovation". With the continuous improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength, the projection of the patriotic feelings of the community, the connotation of the characteristics of many times. The patriotic spirit of the previous generation, more likely to be "backward will be beaten by the driver of urgency", has a strong appeal through the external certification of their own, with the pressure of the external environment is relatively sensitive. Today, many young people, living in the era of vigorous growth in the course of development, Chinese, national self-confidence and pride shows between the lines. Rio Olympic Games, not only the women’s volleyball team相关的主题文章: