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Software How Exchange is better than Domino: Queries like this and related suggestion are various online. When an organization thinks of switching from its .munication services, there are some very strong and valid reasons behind it. For example, now days online market has rising searches for solution to export Domino to Exchange database that indicates that there is demand of Microsoft services over IBM. So, what are the factors that basically enforce .anizations to have a huge change like this? May be the cost of IBM services are not helpful for an .anization in streamlining their productivity or for having a simplified mail client like Outlook or the better link-up of MS Exchange with Outlook. For example: SharePoint is considered as one of the essential part of .anization as it helps the employees to work in collaboration. The strong hooks of MS Outlook, Exchange and SharePoint facilitates in maintaining emails and calendars that can be done in a better way with the help of SharePoint/Outlook collaborative working. Such activities cannot be handled smoothly with SharePoint/Lotus Notes. This was just an instance to illustrate why an .anization can think of Microsoft instead of IBM. Reasons can vary and owning to the need to move from IBM Domino Lotus services to Microsoft Outlook Exchange Server, need for applications that could help in data transfer from one application to another arises. However, the process of Domino to Exchange Migration database is not simple. Proper attention by the user is required if the database migration has to be done. Meanwhile, when there is need for database transfer, one thing has to be taken care of. A quick solution has to be opted for migrating data along with the potential of emails, contacts and other items transfer from client to client, Client to Server, Server to client and Server to Server. Keeping all these factors in mind, a prominent solution for export Domino to Exchange Server database must be selected. Nevertheless, one important point here is selection of a perfect solution as the database of entire employees within the enterprise is on stack. Therefore, before entrusting any solution, its trial version should be downloaded and tested for its potential. Talking about availability of a solution online for database migration from Domino to Exchange, a solution named Mail Migration Wizard can help. This tool is a creation of a renowned brand and gives the opportunity for export Domino to Exchange database, Lotus Notes to Outlook, Domino to Outlook and Lotus Notes to Exchange Server. This software supports both selective as well as bulk data migration and is absolutely secure and simple to use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: