Exposure Dunga close to signing the national security team will take Brazil to China-borderland

Dunga exposure close to signing will take Brazil Guoan team to complete Chinese exposed Dunga to Guoan sina sports news Beijing standard time on November 14th, according to YAHOO sports reported that former Brazil coach Dunga has basically agreed to in the new season as Beijing Guoan coach. According to reports, Dunga and Beijing Guoan club contract negotiations for nearly a month, and now the contract has been roughly finalized. Although the state has not yet announced the signing of Dunga, and with the previous port coach Erickson very close. However, Beijing Guoan club’s board seems to have finalized Dunga, while Dunga has confirmed that he will go to the national security council. At present, Dunga has begun to form their own national security in the coaching team, including many assistant Brazil famous trainer Paul paixao, coupled with the physical therapist and Brazil goalkeeper coach with him to work in Beijing. According to reports, Beijing Guoan will provide a monthly salary of 330 thousand euros (about $2 million 420 thousand), equivalent to an annual salary of about 4 million euros (about $29 million 330 thousand) in the lucrative contract Dunga. This will be the beginning of Dunga’s career, the highest annual salary of a contract. In addition, the 4 million euros or after tax income. Since June of this year from the national team of Brazil at the end of the class, Dunga has been in the idle state, if he will be able to coach the national security, and his former disciple Augusto again, and Dunga will also become Beijing Guoan history after second big Zaccheroni, foreign coaches. (Yue Qi)相关的主题文章: