Fantasy weekend heart struck East Asia premier Taiwan Lake magic carnival is about to open ca1835

Fantasy weekend heart struck East Asia premier Taiwan Lake magic carnival is about to open a strong beam of light mapping out his profile, the music rises, he walked with elegant pace in the backstage, a beautiful dove stop in the palm of one of his seemingly casual action to fly. The recent release of the magic theme blockbusters "Pirates of the Caribbean shaking group" to "entranced", but countless people between the film and the reality of every layer of the screen. So, you want to witness a fully and delightfully personally on the scene of the magic show? In 19 days this month on Saturday in East Asia premier Taiwan Lake sales offices, a large fantasy magic show will shock struck! International famous magician will take you on a cool fantasy trip, let the unbelievable miracle happen in front of you! East Asia premier Taiwan Lake reminder: don’t blink! After a cool show, can have the true master pro! It’s okay? Master interactive teaching to accompany you to appreciate the magic of magic and explore the wonderful wonderful magic world! This activity not only invited the magician luxury lineup, digital painting DIY more mysterious Hao Li and heartbeat sign by the children love the joy of the clown, exquisite beyond compare. In fine Hao Li, shocking scenes, wonderful fantasy performances, stage, close interaction, different forms of the same wonderful. This Saturday to East Asia premier Taiwan lake, together with you to witness the miracle of the moment! East Asia premier Taiwan lake is East Xinhua estate in Beijing to create exquisite high-end MINI lake is located in Tongzhou headquarters business gathering area, pillow CBD a nuclear five central control, three-dimensional traffic network and more than three vertical and three horizontal lines, the seamless link of Tongzhou new town center, Tongzhou cultural tourism area, Beijing the international medical center, the organization of international organizations gathering area, and the Yizhuang Development Zone, build the Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration bridgehead, forming the next 10 years development dividend core area, enjoy unlimited opportunities for development. 70 thousand square meters project ingenuity to create five artistic garden, 70-120m style floor space, penned by the famous American landscape design firm Artemis personally, the "mobile lvchuan" as the core concept, is a monument to the perfect integration of nature and construction, build the ecological residential area become an independent school for the urban elite. 38-75 square Tongzhou Xianfang, huge benefits of housing, as purchase, keep Beijing, keep the youth dream. Project reception center address: Beijing City, Tongzhou District Town, Beijing international book shop outside the north side of details of the telephone: 400-819-1111 610588相关的主题文章: