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Feidong version of "Swan Lake" appeared in the eastern town of harmony Park Lake rippling trees covered the slope in the Swan Lake District government, like a beautiful pearl, the "Lake City" exceptionally beautiful. Feidong County in the eastern part of town, built a new harmony Lake Park rippling, trees covered the slope in the bustling city, among the county, has become the Feidong version of "Swan lake". In the past, and the lake area is a serious pollution of the coastal water, garbage everywhere, the long river system after the start of a series of water pollution prevention and control work in an orderly manner, the water environment changes in turn the world upside down. Harmony butterfly Lake Park, is a good answer in Feidong County Water Environmental Governance in the field of surrender. Harmony Lake Park light River, connecting the upper reaches of Shuangqiao River, through Ma River, is the intersection of "three rivers". Feidong County Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, here is located in the edge of the county, the river around the former garbage everywhere, water pollution is serious, is a "black ditch". In 2013, after the start of the long river system, Feidong county to strengthen the management of water environment, harmony lake was listed as key pollution control, in addition to the upper reaches of the river sewage interception, dredging and expansion, also the implementation of afforestation projects of harmony Lake area. After several years of careful management, harmonious Lake area has turned from "ugly duckling" White Swan "". Harmony Lake Park is located in the eastern Feidong County town core area, North Station Road, South Road East Yao Gang, show deep road and West Road East Group, weiran. The park covers an area of about 78.20 hectares, the water area of about 584 acres, afforestation area of 633 acres, is a set of ecological protection, recreation and tourism culture in one comprehensive park. Harmony Lake Park, is a successful sample of Feidong county towns surrounding the river pollution control, Feidong county is an important measure to protect the mother river. Overall, since 2013, Feidong started the "long river system, and promote the project management of water environment, water environment improved significantly. This year, the county will all rivers and drinking water sources are included in the scope of long river system management, clear objectives, refine the responsibility. At present, Feidong county has also focused on the completion of the long Linhe and Changle River, twenty port river, Ma River, Dianbu river river water compliance plan, has laid a solid foundation for the scientific system of the next river. (reporter Xi Qingrong Kong Lingling Liang Changjun) original title: Feidong version of "Swan Lake" appeared in the eastern town

肥东版“天鹅湖”现身东部新城 和睦湖公园碧波荡漾绿树满坡   在合肥,政务区天鹅湖宛如一颗靓丽的明珠,把“大湖名城”妆点得格外秀丽。在肥东县东部新城,新建成的和睦湖公园碧波荡漾、绿树满坡,跻身在繁华县 城中,俨然成为肥东版“天鹅湖”。过去,和睦湖片区只是一片污染较重的水面,沿岸垃圾遍地,“河长制”启动后,一系列水污染防治工作有序展开,这里的水环 境发生翻天覆地的变化。   和睦湖公园的蝶变,是肥东县在水环境治理领域交出的一份优秀答卷。和睦湖公园上游连接定光河、双桥河,下通马桥河,是“三河”交汇之地。肥东县环保 局负责人介绍,这里地处县城边缘,河岸四周以前垃圾遍地,水面污染较重,是一片“黑水沟”。2013年,“河长制”启动后,肥东县全面加强水环境治理,和 睦湖段被列为治污重点,除了对上游河流截污,还对和睦湖片区实施清淤、扩容、绿化等工程。   经过几年精心治理,和睦湖片区已从“丑小鸭”变身“白天鹅”。和睦湖公园位于肥东县东部新城核心区,北至站南路,南临瑶岗路,东连深秀路和撮东路, 西接蔚然路。公园总占地约78.20公顷,水面面积约占584亩,造林面积633亩,是集生态保护、休闲娱乐、观赏文化于一体的综合性公园。   和睦湖公园,是肥东县治理城镇周边河流污染的成功样本,也是肥东县保护母亲河的重要举措。   总体看,自2013年以来,肥东县全面启动“河长制”,扎实推进水环境治理项目建设,水环境明显改善。今年,该县将所有河流和饮用水水源地全部纳入 河长制管理范围,明确了目标,细化了责任。目前,肥东县还重点完成了长临河、长乐河、二十埠河、马桥河、店埠河等河流水体达标方案编制,为下一步科学系统 治河奠定了坚实基础。   (席庆荣 孔玲玲 记者 梁昌军)   原标题:肥东版“天鹅湖”现身东部新城相关的主题文章: