Fiinovation – Digital Revolution Vs Social

News-and-Society The word revolution originally denoted any form of social uprising which brought about or intended to bring about a radical change and generating impact in the society. However, with the progress of civilization, the meaning of revolution had gone sea change, it is now any event or process which a driving force of social evolution can be termed as some sort of a ‘revolution’. And the original meaning of revolution, that is transformation in power dynamics due to military or public furore, earned the nomenclature of ‘social revolution’. The .mencement of industrialization was the most important historic process which was responsible for adding a new dimension to the word revolution with the coinage of the term Industrial Revolution. Fiinovation .prehends the industrial revolution was an integral part of social evolution as it facilitated the birth of the modern age. However, the revolutionary spirit of humans is irresistible and revolutions of all sorts still continue to facilitate social evolution. And post the industrial revolution the game changer in the league of various revolutions is undoubtedly the Digital Revolution which has already be.e the most popular of all the revolutions so far. Fiinovation believes that digital revolution has already proved to be the harbinger of social revolution as was evident in the wake of the Arab Spring revolution in the Islamist states of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen. Fiinovation the concerted public furore was largely facilitated through the use of social networking sites and smartphone technology. What was most surprising that the digital revolution in the case of Arab Spring was a great success and it surpassed the impact of social revolution in the countries. Because, the social revolutions failed to bring the impact the fact remains that socio-economic stability is still a far flung dream in those regions. An interesting point emerges out of the role of digital technology in the Arab Spring movements is that the access to effective .munication technologies had an unprecedented liberating effect on a populace which were suppressed earlier by the autocratic rule of the leaders. Fiinovation the digital medium in this case not only gave voice to the voiceless but also consolidated the voices of millions towards achieving the .mon goal that is freedom from the suppression that too across the world, which in turn spurred social uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa. Fiinovation believes that by enhancing access to information and .munication technologies, digital revolution is already bringing about unprecedented changes in functioning of governments and catalyzing economic activities and in the process is transforming societies and nations at large, and in a magnitude no less than social revolutions; the only positive difference being that the transition spurred by digital revolution is more smooth and seamless than social revolution. And what is most unique about the digital revolution is that it has and is still gaining momentum and strength across the globe and its potential yet remains to be unleashed. -Mousumi Das, Programme Manager Fiinovation About the Author: 相关的主题文章: