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Sports-and-Recreation Is it possible to find good horses for sale under 100? Ten years ago the answer might have been no, although there have been famous exceptions. But today, in this economy, many horse owners are finding the expense of caring for their horses too high. These people are looking for others who can afford to give their beloved equine friends the care and future they deserve. Before, a cheap horse would probably be lame or not sound enough for regular work, either very young or very old, sick, or unmanageable. This can still be true, so any horse should be evaluated carefully for general health, soundness, and training. Getting a vet to check the horse, and maybe a professional rider and a farrier also, will be wise before parting with any money whatever. It is not un.mon these days to hear of horses being left tied to fences or turned through pasture gates, with or without a note saying ‘I just cannot feed them anymore.’ The horse adoption programs are filled to capacity, and may be willing to reduce their regular fees to make space to help other horses. Stables are selling horses for just enough to cover the board bill, and may be willing to take less so they are not throwing good money after bad. Adoption agencies are getting record numbers of horses, even finding them tied to the fence when they open in the morning. People are turning horses they no longer can afford into pastures, loose in the woods, or leaving them at boarding stables. Adoption centers may lower their fees, boarding stables may settle for a fraction of what is owed, and other horses may be advertised by private owners in the papers and horse magazines. These days all prices are negotiable. Today many horses have been found tied to the fence outside adoption centers, turned loose in the woods, or left in pastures by night. Adoption services often have higher fees, but these might be reduced if you can provide a good home. Ask to see the horse ridden, or get a professional rider to try it out. You can evaluate its ground manners and see it in the stall for yourself, but ask to see it load and haul, to see it ridden alone and in .pany, and in other situations you will take it into. Find out if it is an easy keeper or needs special care, if it kicks or bites, or if it knows anything at all. Check with those who may know the horse to see if it has hidden problems – or unexpected virtues! All horses for sale under 100 will not be bargains, and all will not be cheap horse per se. Carefully seeing what is out there may find you a real treasure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: