Fire Safety Advice – How To Protect Your Business From

Recent statistics show that 45% of all fires in the UK were started deliberately. Of these arson attacks, 12,800 were on non-residential buildings such as your workplace. These deliberate fires caused 118 deaths and 2,700 other casualties. Arson is a very real threat, and if you allow your business to be an easy target you are far more likely to be the subject of an attack. Taking steps to make life difficult for any would-be arsonist will almost certainly mean they give up and look for a softer target. Follow the following simple steps to protect your business and your staff: Ensure you have carried out a Fire Risk Assessment and implemented any findings. Make sure it is a specific person’s job to be responsible for the prevention of arson attacks and other fire safety issues. Check the security of your doors and windows, and any perimeter fences. Arson is often linked to burglary. Consider CCTV to cover the outside of your premises – this will act as a deterrent. Fit metal containers inside letter boxes and minimise gaps under doors. Store bins and rubbish away from the walls of your building, and chain wheelie bins up so they can’t be set on fire then pushed against your building. Keep .bustible materials away from your premises perimeter, to prevent matches, etc being thrown into them from beyond your boundary. Have proper systems in place for visitors to your site and encourage staff to challenge anyone who they think should not be on the premises. Check fire fighting equipment regularly to ensure it has not been tampered with. Store any flammable liquids correctly, in a secure store. Have a thorough locking up procedure that includes checks on all doors and windows, that alarms are on, that external illumination is on and that no rubbish or .bustible material is left lying about outside. Follow these simple steps and you will go a long way to minimising the chances of your business suffering as the result of an arson attack. 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