Foreign media attention to the Chinese Tiger three officials

Foreign media attention to the tiger China lax: three officials checked the reference news network February 6 foreign media reported that the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC anti-corruption agency said on the 4, it was filing for review on the southwest a large population, the former governor of Sichuan province Wei Hong serious disciplinary problems. Wei Hong was removed from party posts and administrative demotion, as Deputy Department of non leadership positions. According to the Reuters reported on February 4th, the Commission issued a brief 4 reported that Wei Hong "not honest on party loyalty, and do not cherish the organization repeatedly given the education saving opportunities". Bulletin also said he "against the organization in the organization review, conversation and written inquiry does not truthfully explain the problem; a serious violation of work discipline, in the judicial activities". China has launched a massive campaign against corruption, targeting corporate executives and government officials, the report said. Sichuan is one of the key points of the CCP’s fight against corruption. From his resume, Wei Wei spent almost all his political career in Sichuan. Reported that the Commission also conducted an examination of Hubei province provincial Party Committee Organization Department Minister Jia iron serious disciplinary problems. The Commission said, Jia iron "as the central inspection group deputy leader, a serious violation of political discipline and political rules, disclosure of secret inspections; a serious violation of the spirit of the eight Central provisions, illegal access to private clubs, pay personal expenses with public funds". Jia iron by removal from party posts, administrative demotion, down to the departmental level of non leadership positions. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website reported on February 4th, the Commission of the Ministry of supervision website announced that the vice governor of Guangdong province Liu Zhigeng alleged serious violation, is currently under investigation. Reported that Liu Zhigeng is Guangdong Xingning people. In 1983, he graduated from the Department of economics in Jilin University and worked as an official in Guangdong province. Since 2004, he served as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Dongguan Municipal Committee, and served as secretary of Dongguan municipal Party committee two years later. He has worked in Dongguan for many years. Reported that the Commission did not explain why Liu Zhigeng checked, but there may be in his administration in Dongguan during the period of a problem. Hongkong media quoted an article saying that when Liu Zhigeng was in Dongguan, yellow GDP became a pillar. People familiar with the situation said that Liu Zhigeng’s family members were in the local business, and the good results made the city envy envy. Hongkong "South China Morning Post" website reported on February 5th, the highest level in the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC anti-corruption agency said 4, public funds and tourism abroad (border), bribery and illegal for private financial industry is a common form of corruption. The agency also said that some senior financial regulators and state bank executives may face investigations. The Commission announced reports covering more than 20 financial regulators and enterprises. In the summer of 2015, the stock market was in turmoil, and the authorities then launched an investigation into top executives and financial executives. Reported that the inspection object covers the State Administration of foreign exchange, China China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the Commission, there are some important state-owned commercial bank and financial group, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange etc.. The report says China’s leadership is cracking down on the financial sector. Although the government has injected a large amount of bailout funds, the stock market volatility has evaporated the huge market value. Reported that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said that China’s work theory

外媒关注中国岁末打虎不松懈:三名高官被查   参考消息网2月6日报道 外媒称,中共反腐机构中纪委4日表示,它对西南人口大省四川省原省长魏宏“严重”违纪问题进行了立案审查。魏宏受到撤销党内职务和行政撤职处分,降为副厅级非领导职务。   据路透社2月4日报道,中纪委4日发表简短通报称,魏宏“对党不忠诚、不老实,不珍惜组织多次给予的教育挽救机会”。通报还说,他“对抗组织审查,在组织谈话和书面函询时不如实说明问题;严重违反工作纪律,插手司法活动”。   报道称,中国展开了一场声势浩大的反腐运动,针对目标是企业高管和政府官员。四川是中共打击腐败的重点之一。从简历看,魏宏整个政治生涯几乎都在四川度过。   报道称,中纪委还对湖北省原省委常委、组织部部长贺家铁严重违纪问题进行了立案审查。中纪委称,贺家铁“担任中央巡视组副组长期间,严重违反政治纪律和政治规矩,泄露巡视工作秘密;严重违反中央八项规定精神,违规出入私人会所,用公款支付个人费用”。贺家铁受到撤销党内职务、行政撤职处分,降为正厅级非领导职务。   另据新加坡《联合早报》网站2月4日报道,中纪委监察部网站宣布,广东省副省长刘志庚“涉嫌严重违纪”,目前正在接受调查。   报道称,刘志庚是广东兴宁人。1983年吉林大学经济系毕业后一直在广东省当官。2004年起担任中共东莞市委副书记,两年后担任东莞市委书记,在东莞工作多年。   报道称,中纪委没有说明刘志庚因何被查,但有可能是在他主政东莞期间出了问题。香港媒体曾引述一篇文章称,刘志庚主政东莞期间,黄色GDP成了支柱。知情者称,刘志庚的家属在当地从商,业绩之好令坊间羡慕嫉妒。   香港《南华早报》网站2月5日报道称,中共最高级别反腐机构中纪委4日说,公款吃喝和出国(境)旅游、收受贿赂和非法谋取私利是金融业普遍存在的腐败形式。   该机构还说,一些高级别金融监管者和国有银行高管可能面临调查。   中纪委公布了涵盖20多家金融监管机构和企业的报告。2015年夏天股市出现震荡,当局继而对多名高级别监管官员和金融企业高管展开调查。   报道称,巡视对象涵盖国家外汇管理局、中国银监会、保监会和证监会,还有一些重要国有商业银行和金融集团,以及上交所和深交所等。   报道称,中国领导层正在大力整顿金融业。此前,尽管政府注入大量救助资金,但股市震荡仍使巨额市值蒸发。   报道称,中纪委称,中国工商银行一些部门和分支机构利用“创新型业务”谋取私利。一些国有银行的境外机构监管薄弱为腐败行为提供可乘之机。中国投资有限责任公司高管被指使用公款打高尔夫球。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: