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Foreign media headlines: Samsung Note 7 battery replacement is unsafe, U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants the Wall Street journal Samsung Note 7 will replace the battery overheating Samsung on Friday that South Korea has received some complaints from consumers, says the company offers Galaxy Note 7 replace the mobile phone battery is overheating when charging, and will soon lose their charge. So far, these complaints have only occurred in South Korea, which may further undermine confidence in the world’s largest smartphone makers. German commercial bank intends to lay off at least 5000 people, according to informed sources, the German commercial bank management to consider at least 5000 jobs, equivalent to the total number of employees more than 10%, and the withdrawal of a department, which is one of the widely adopted reform plan. The weak for the downturn in the low interest rates and market events are profitable the ability of the content. The second largest German bank by market capitalisation will announce the restructuring plan next weekend. The British "Financial Times" Wanda and SONY pictures reached a cooperation agreement with Dalian Wanda Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin SONY Studio Entertainment Co. Ltd. on Friday announced the agreement, Wanda Group will use its huge ticket platform, entertainment plaza and theme parks to help SONY to China its future movie audience marketing. According to people familiar with the matter, if the two companies reached an agreement, Wanda Group might buy a minority stake in these films. The cooperation is the latest move of Wanda Group to enter the global entertainment industry. Wanda has acquired AMC and legend films in the United states. CNBC Twitter is close to being sold and shares soared. Twitter shares surged more than 20% on Friday. Twitter, according to people familiar with the matter, said it was nearing sale and had received offers, including Google and Salesforce. There has been a long story about Twitter being sold, and the company’s performance and subscriber growth have been disappointing. In the latest earnings report, the company set the slowest pace of revenue growth since 2013, and issued weak performance expectations. Saudi Iran made important concessions: we will freeze production according to informed sources, before the producers meeting next week, Saudi Arabia has made a significant concession, put forward if Iran agreed to cap the yield this year, Saudi Arabia is willing to lower their crude oil production. Saudi Arabia is preparing to reduce production to a low level earlier this year in exchange for Iran to freeze production at its current level; Iran now produces 3 million 600 thousand barrels a day of crude oil. He told Reuters French bank losses of 4 billion 900 million euros only pay 1 million a French appeals court ruled Friday, asked French bank former traders Gerome – old club 1 million euros compensation Cavey el. Kerviel in the 2007 to 2008 from unauthorized purchase of a large number of European stock index futures, causing losses to the French bank 49 billion euros. He was sentenced to 9 by a court in Paris in 2010

外媒头条:三星Note 7替换电池也存安全隐患 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   华尔街日报   三星Note 7替换电池也过热   三星电子公司周五承认,已收到一些韩国消费者的投诉,称该公司提供的Galaxy Note 7替换手机的电池也存在充电时过热问题,并且会很快失去电量。迄今为止,这些投诉仅在韩国出现,这可能进一步动摇人们对于全球最大智能手机生产商的信心。   德国商业银行拟裁员至少5000人   据知情人士称,德国商业银行管理层考虑至少裁员5000人,相等于员工总数的逾10%,并撤销一个部门,这是该行在低利率和市场客户活动低迷之际应对盈利能力疲弱所采取的广泛改革计划的内容之一。这家按市值计德国第二大银行将于下周末公布这一重组计划。   英国《金融时报》   万达与索尼影业达成合作协议 万达集团董事长王健林   大连万达与索尼影视娱乐有限公司周五宣布达成协议,万达集团将利用其规模庞大的票务平台、娱乐广场和主题公园来帮助索尼向中国观众营销其未来制作的电影。据知情人士透露,如果两公司达成一致,万达集团可能会购买这些影片的少数股权。此次合作是万达集团进军全球娱乐产业的最新动作,此前万达已收购了美国院线AMC,以及传奇影业。   CNBC   Twitter接近被出售 股价暴涨   Twitter股价周五暴涨逾20%,据知情人士称,Twitter正接近被出售,并已收到收购意向,可能的竞购者包括谷歌和Salesforce。关于Twitter被出售的消息早有传闻,该公司的业绩和用户增长一直令人失望。在最近的财报中,该公司创下了自2013年上市以来最慢的营收增长速度,并发布了疲软的业绩预期。   沙特重大让步:伊朗冻产我们就减产   据知情人士称,在下周产油国会议之前,沙特阿拉伯已做出一项重大让步,提出如果伊朗同意对今年产量设置上限,沙特愿意降低自己的原油产量。沙特准备将产量降至今年初的较低水准,以换取伊朗将产量冻结在当前水平;伊朗目前每日原油产量为360万桶。   路透   他让法兴银行损失49亿欧元 只赔100万   法国一家上诉法院周五做出裁决,要求法兴银行前交易员热罗姆-凯维埃尔赔偿老东家100万欧元。凯维埃尔在2007至2008年间未经授权大量购买欧洲股指期货,给法兴银行造成49亿欧元损失。他2010年被巴黎一家法院判处有期徒刑三年,并赔偿法兴银行全部损失。但法国最高上诉法院2014年推翻了这一判决的赔偿部分,并将此案发回上诉法院审理。凯维埃尔一直坚持认为,不应由自己一人为法兴银行的损失承担责任。法国公诉人员今年6月表示,法兴银行的监管疏忽为凯维埃尔的违法行为“敞开了大门”。   全球股票基金一周净赎回74亿美元   美银美林周五发布的报告显示,截至9月21日的一周,全球投资者从股票基金中净赎回74亿美元,创大约三个月以来最大单周流出量,主要是受美国和日本央行货币政策不确定性影响。美国股票基金净流失77亿美元;欧股基金净流失18亿欧元,连续第33周净流出。日本股票基金净流入24亿美元。   传高盛拟在日本以外亚太区裁减三成投行职位   据知情人士称,高盛计划将日本以外亚太地区的300个投行职位裁减约30%,以应对这一地区业务的放缓。大部分裁员将在香港、新加坡和中国大陆地区进行。汤森路透的数据显示,今年迄今为止,亚太地区的并购交易总额从去年同期的7457亿美元锐减至5729亿美元。 责任编辑:于健 SF069相关的主题文章: