Foreign media said the Ukrainian engine will be authorized to produce in China including missile eng ca1834

Foreign media said that Ukraine will authorize the engine production in China: contains the missile engine data figure: test video screenshot Reference News Network November armed version of "Falcon" L-15 advanced trainer 9 news media said, according to the 2016 Zhuhai airshow in Ukraine was informed that the company will start the engine Vujacic authorized the production of several of the company’s products in the Chinese. A source was founded in this year the company and Chinese companies signed a Beijing Tianjiao aviation industry investment limited company agreement. According to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website reported on November 7th, the joint venture will produce a series of first – by Ivchenko progress design bureau design and production company by Vujacic engine engine, the two companies are located in the southern city of Ukraine, zaporozhye. This protocol outline several engine assembly of a new factory in Sichuan in Chongqing, including D-136, MS-500V and TV3-117VMA-SBM1V helicopter turboshaft engine, AI-450S general aviation aircraft engines, D436-148FM and D-18T high bypass ratio turbofan engine, D-27 of turboprop engine, and AI-222 series of military jet engine. Curiously, the company said that the MS400 cruise missile engine was also produced in china. AI-222-25 is an especially important plan for China’s military aviation industry. This is the only power plant can be used in L-15 jet trainer Chinese Hongdu Aviation Industry Aviation Industry Corp on. A Hongdu Aviation Industry Corp is the production of the aircraft to attack model L-15B, the aircraft can carry new air to ground weapons. The L-15B plan is powered by a new version of a basic type of engine, this engine was named AI-222-25F, which represents the afterburner combustion F. The afterburner is developed and designed by Ivchenko design bureau. Eve Yisi C design officials stressed that this change is a major achievement for them. An official Eve Yisi C Design Bureau said: "we designed the whole exhaust part with afterburner, without the use of any other engine support. So, this is completely Ivchenko rather than transformation, forcing other manufacturers of jet engine combustion chamber." "Southeast" military & #8212; & #8212; L-15 Falcon advanced trainer相关的主题文章: