Foreign students in Japan to break the 200 thousand mark of Chinese students up to more than 90 thou ssport

In the days of foreign students to break the 200 thousand mark China students most over 90 thousand new network – Chinese overseas network on 14 October, according to the Japan Xinhua China Press reported that recently, the latest data released by the Japan student services organization, by the end of May 2015, the number of foreign students exceeded 200 thousand for the first time. Among them, the number of students from China accounted for about 45% of the total, more than 90 thousand people, up to. The number of students from Nepal and Vietnam is also surging. According to Japanese media reports, the day before the Japan student services organization released data show that as of May 2015, the number of foreigners studying in Japan reached 208379, representing an increase of 13% over last year in May. As a result of changes in qualifications, after May 2011, the Japanese student support agencies will also be included in the Japanese language education institutions in foreign students. According to the origin, students from Asia more than 190 thousand people, the overwhelming majority. Among them, according to the country, the Chinese people reached 94111 people, up to. However, the number of students from Chinese has reached the limit, in 2015 compared with the previous year, a slight decrease. Chinese students accounted for 45.2% of the proportion of the total, for the first time less than 5. Want to be familiar with the Japanese entrepreneurship in a young age, this trend is strengthening. Tokyo chamber of Commerce and industry survey company said, in 2015, served as general manager of the company in Japan Chinese came to reach 1763 people, an increase of 500 over 2011. In the future, the increase in the number of Chinese people outside the business seems to be the focus. (Guo Guiling)相关的主题文章: