.fort In Style Can The Two Be Integrated To Empower Women-melia kreiling

Coaching Based on Message from CarolAnn, April 1 When women are asked whats their priority in choosing what outfit to wear every day, many would answer .fort is whats most important. This is all good as who wouldnt want to be .fortable in what theyre wearing; plus, this also adds to a persons confidence. But when they always put on loose and baggy clothing like sweatpants and t-shirts all the time, it only says one thing about them. And that is, they dont feel .fortable with their bodies thats why they try to hide them by wearing loose clothing. Can you see the irony here? women who put too much importance in .fort when it .es to the way they dress only goes to show how un.fortable they are with their bodies. Im not saying here that revealing more of your body shows .fort, women confidence and style. But wearing something that fits your body in an attractive yet respectable way is one sure way of showing style and sophistication. But empowering women through fashion and style doesnt mean that your feet have to suffer when wearing high heels or that youll have to endure wearing something totally un.fortable. Many fabrics that are considered stylish, like cashmere, silk, cotton and wool are actually very .fortable to wear. They feel light and good on the skin. Plus, although high heels certainly give you that stylish edge, there are always wedge heels to give you that elevated look. And there are heels out there that are more .fortablejust dont wear them when youre sure to be out in the field, walking all day! So, for all those women out there who love wearing loose clothes and slippers/sneakers because they feel .fortable, I advise you to please start updating your wardrobe now. Your baggy attire says so much about youand it says something very negative. If you want real .fort, then find your personal style and wear clothes that fit you. When youre actually .fortable with your own body, then everything else will fall into place. Just remember not to get too .fortable that you leave no room to the imagination! Now, if youre not confident you can pull it through, then it means you dont have enough confidence to let your real personality shine. But dont be afraid nor ashamed to admit it; many people suffer from low self-esteem. If you think you cant handle it alone, then attend a course for personal development training. Youll not only learn how to find balance between .fort and style, but youll also learn so much more about yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: