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The fourth quarter who is the capital of the most popular Sina App love Bond: Live on-line blogger to tutor entries you earn take can make you my – reporter Xu Weiping since October around the market regulation overweight you buy hot cool. As a large class of assets, when the real estate, especially the allocation of high-quality real estate is limited, the funds will be looking for a new breakthrough, stocks, bonds, futures three financial asset allocation highlights. But in the property market funds doubt, two-way fluctuations in the RMB under the environment of the three financial assets will show a new configuration pattern. Expected rate of return decline, asset shortage continues to make the bond will become the capital super match subject. Under the constraints of low volatility in stock, will maintain the "standard" state, and some active commodity futures may lead to financial futures market to play a "go. Bond funds: "super distribution area" of the National Day holiday, led by Beijing over a second city has issued regulatory policy, "killer", the property market trading volume shrinking rapidly, speculative capital has been hit. However, the capital is inherently profitable, the current liquidity adequacy, asset shortage is still serious, when the real estate this export restrictions, the funds will find other breakthrough. Where the money will go, which is the core issue of the whole market attention. From the historical experience, when the entity of asset allocation is limited, the financial asset allocation value will increase, there is a shift in the relationship between the two, while in stocks, bonds, futures three financial assets, bonds will be equipped with ultra large area assets "". A bank who told reporters: "since the two quarter, the rapid expansion of the size of the bond market, bonds issued will be robbed, the city voted bonds, corporate bonds, even a lot of people buy junk bonds, this is an important reason for bond yields do not buy, too many people." Why are there so many people buying bonds? Because of security, stability, these two elements become the main logic of the bond was super match, but also the biggest attraction bonds. On the one hand, the Commission issued a series of measures on mergers and acquisitions, set by the backdoor in high premium, false valuation and no real profit to support capital operation, strict supervision, high risk assets of the "wind" began to subside, the funds for risk assets is not more and more cold. Even venture capital investors are starting to look for quality assets that create sustainable, stable returns, and the relative attractiveness of bond assets. On the other hand, the rate of return on assets under the forced debt interest rate and the expected rate of return on the decline of investors, regardless of residents or banks entrusted funds have lowered the expected return. In fact, the IMF yields have been falling, but the scale is still further growth, including institutional finance is also reflected in the whole society has begun to significantly lower the expected return on investment. From the big environment, due to the rapid expansion of the financial funds in recent years, the rapid expansion of debt, from 2012 to 2015 in just 3 years, the balance of bank financing funds from 7 trillion and 950 billion to $23 trillion and 500 billion. But the assets that can be invested in safe, high-yield and stable cash flow are very limited相关的主题文章: