Frank H. Crerie Has Great Expertise In The Corporate Finance

Business Frank H. Crerie is a lifelong entrepreneur with more than 50 years of experience. He serves as an advisor to the Board of Directors at Channel Resources Ltd. He brings to the company his extensive years of experience in investment banking, venture capital and corporate finance. Channel Resources Ltd. is a Canadian Company engaged in the exploration of prospective mineral properties in West Africa and Canada. Frank H. Crerie is a successful businessman and has co-founded and financed many companies including Molina Mineral Exploration, American Tidelands, Standard Uranium, StanRock Uranium and StanWest Mining. From 1951 to 1963, he served as President of Crerie & Co., an investment banking firm in Houston and New York City and underwrote the development of numerous resource projects globally. Besides being an investment banker,he became a Venture Capitalist after leaving the securities business in 1964. Frank H. Crerie has been involved as a co-founder and controlling shareholder in initial public offerings on several of the major stock exchanges such as the New York, London, American, Toronto, Vancouver and Alberta Stock Exchanges. One of his companies listed on the New York and London Stock Exchange after seven years and more than two were listed on the American Exchange. He has been involved with at least five companies that have had had listings on the Toronto Stock Exchange and on the Vancouver Exchange. In addition, Mr. Crerie was the co-founder and Chairman of White Shield, which was listed on the LSE, TSE and NYSE. Two weeks after Pearl Harbor, Frank H. Crerie joined the USNR under the V 7 program andwas sent to Chicago. He was enrolled in Northwestern University for officers training and has served on the USS Sims 154 a D. E. Destroyer. After this assignment, he became the Captain of Sub Chaser 1305andled convoys to the Pacific. Frank H. Crerie holds a B.A. degree from Columbia University, and also attended the Columbia University Law School. He is a substantial contributor to the Scottsdale Contemporary Art Museum and also supports various local charities such as Child Help USA, and Arizona State Universitys Art department. Whenever he finds time, he loves to read and paint abstract art. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: