French intelligence Leon home court against Bastia 5 wins tonya mitchell

French intelligence: Leon home court against Bastia 5 wins on Saturday 066           French   Leon VS Bastia       2016-11-06 03:00         weather: sunny 14° Venue: Stade Gerland Lyon: Leon status this season until now have lost 5 games as a veteran team, so the play does Nabuchushou, and before the team and League Cup 3 game losing streak record this season, no relationship between Lyon and stability of the two words. The week in Lyon participated in the war in Europe, they eventually in a 1-1 draw away to Juventus picked up 1 points, 1 points but it doesn’t make their team situation much better, the team is still likely to be out, so for Leon, since it can be expected to know the results, such as not to concentrate on the League at present, Leon should do so. This season the team’s home court is also relatively large fluctuations, but overall, 3 games against them in the downstream team or win, Bastia is belong to this category, next week is the national team, the team is not what needs to be retained, the goal is to go all out to win the victory. Present situation of Bastia: Bastia is currently ranked standings in Fourteenth place, the team’s overall performance is not satisfactory, after all their ability is poor or away, don’t say this season, Lyon, a French team in just can be an easy job to do to beat them to the home court. 5 games in Bastia this season away 1 wins and 4 losses, in addition to win at the bottom of the table Lorient outside, the rest of the game all lose. In fact, the 433 team lineup is very dependent on their offensive, Bastia has always been an attack rather than defense against the winning team, may be able to inject additional power in their own home court crowd, in the premise of offensive team on the road do not play out, winning the difficulty it is self-evident. Hit the record: the two sides recently played 10 games, Lyon scored a total of 7 wins, 1 draws and 2 negative results, occupy an absolute advantage, and their home game against Bastia is the result of a 5 game winning streak. SMG recommended: this field should be no suspense, Leon’s determination to win this game was a quite enough, despite their current status, but considering the road property in Bastia, this field still support the Lyon win, scoring a total of 2,3. (Da Yu)相关的主题文章: