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From the end of the Milan AC acquisition trader Li Yonghong: related company has been involved in a Ponzi scheme Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to make you take the team always can let you satisfy a craving after each intern reporter Chen Yaolin of the mysterious capital heavyweights, China EU sports President Li Yonghong leading to the acquisition of Milan AC you, but its real the outside world has been unable to get more identity. The latest information shows that this Li Yonghong is the horse horse (the original convex Toronto stock, 600696) the original actual control of Li Yonghong, which was due to illegal trading of shares by the Commission 600 thousand yuan punishment. This month, Milan’s AC parent company Fininvest group claims that the acquisition of AC, Li Yonghong of Milan is the Toronto Stock Li Yonghong. And said at the time of the negotiations, AC Milan executives also asked Li Yonghong had been punished. Li Yonghong said at the time, he regarded the Commission’s punishment as a warning, will not affect the acquisition. EU sports as the acquisition of the subject AC Milan, Li Yonghong is undoubtedly one of the main China hailun consortium’s hand, and for the consortium successfully pulled the context of state-owned listed companies, Kingsway fund channel Yongda group "golden master etc.". However, the "daily economic news" reporter found out, although Li Yonghong very low-key, but the related company has been involved in a $28 billion investment in Thailand carat canal scam "and" Jiangsu Mu snow trust fraud and other events, but Li Yonghong himself is caught in a "double identity question" mystery of. In this connection, the reporter contacted the central European sports, but failed to comment. SSE was condemned after playing "disappeared" the morning of September 21st, Bloomberg exposed AC Milan acquisition, the Chinese consortium has provided false bank documents. For a time, the acquirer Central Sports and Li Yonghong once again stand on the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. In fact, since the beginning of August this year, Chinese consortium confirmed 740 million euros to acquire AC in Milan after a Chinese leader Li Yonghong’s identity has been popular outside attention. Recently, Simone Finotello’s Fininvest group spokesman claimed in an interview, this is the original Li Yonghong Doran shares the actual control of Li Yonghong, in the negotiations, the group has been SFC punishment has been informed. As the identity of the big brother, Li Yonghong was well known outside the world began 5 years ago. By the end of 2011, Li Yonghong at a price of 360 million yuan to offer Fujian real estate tycoon Chen Longji, entered the Toronto stock and became the company’s actual control. At that time he promised not to transfer the shares of listed companies already owned within 12 months. But what is unexpected is that the transaction only half a year later, Li Yonghong and fresh words signed a share transfer agreement, the fresh words transferred all the 51% stake, but did not disclose this information. Because of illegal stock trading, and did not report the sale of stock information, denounced Li Yonghong by SSE in 2012, and by the Commission fined 600 thousand yuan. At that time, the Toronto stock price has plummeted 7%. Even more surprising is that, because can not get in touch with Li Yonghong, only served the letter of intent on the SSE disciplinary punishment to the company in the form of announcement. In theory相关的主题文章: