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Chief analyst at Gartner: Daydream will be the ultimate winner, game original title: chief analyst at Gartner: Daydream will be the ultimate winner next month is a watershed in the VR Market: Google Daydream and SONY PS VR competing market, and Oculus will release a new product developer conference. The face of all anchaoyongdong, research vice president of Gartner and chief analyst Blaine (Brian Blau) that’s? The answer obviously. Daydream there is no doubt that, in the long run, Daydream influence is much bigger than PS VR." He said, SONY PS VR sales will be very good, in the initial stage of the short-term impact is not small. But Daydream is the ultimate winner." "Attach importance to ecological system construction to become the final winner." He added, "by 2020, the 5 companies with more robust ecosystems will dominate the VR market, but SONY is not in its list." VR AR current and future direction is the key to success. The current market dominated by games and entertainment, SONY can play an advantage. SONY will sell a lot of equipment, but are limited to the game ecosystem." Blow said, "this technology will eventually be applied to everyday life, right? It will be shipped to smartphones and even accessories for sending and receiving email, image chat, and all current mobile applications." In addition to the scope of application, the user base is also a long-term advantage of Daydream. Daydream on Android platform accounted for 87.6% share of the smart mobile phone market, a total of about 300 million users. Google’s next step is to establish a hardware standard for the Android ecosystem, Pixel as a pilot, so that most of the new devices can be compatible with Daydream. This means that a large number of high-end mobile phone VR users will flood the market. Even if the user does not replace the device within two years of the smart phone update cycle, five or six years later, most of the smart phones on the market will also be equipped with VR function to ensure that the success of the media form VR. It’s not the first contact VR, he is in the field of VR is the old timers, the VR qualification can be traced back to 30 years ago. Early in the last century in 90s, he and Mark (Mark Pesce), Raksha? Toni? Parisi (Tony Parisi) co founded the Intervista company, research and development of virtual reality modeling language VRML. In 1993, he also worked with Autodesk to create 3D graphics application programming interface. There is no doubt that he has long been looking forward to the rise of the revolution. Brian Blau I think VR’s development is inseparable from the full support of the world’s top companies." It’s alluding to Google, he added, "in the next few years the market will be extremely exciting to VR." (Yang Yu, Shen Guangqian Polo: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: