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Acne Hair over face causes unattractive personality of women. It also reduces the actual glow of womens face. Unwanted facial hair in women burst their confidence, which could threaten their relationship. It gives birth to shame feeling because of hair present around their chin or lips. This pathetic feeling of women can be caught & killed by commencing a useful medicament called as Generic Vaniqa. This is a topical form of remedy that performs to lower the growth rate and slowly reduces the hair over face. The active ingredient comprised in this cream form of remedy is called as eflornithine hydrochloride. 13.9% of its concentration is available of this ingredient. It comes in a tube having weight of 30 gram. This has been legalized by Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and this is the reason it is health secure. It has been made much safer as the manufacturer of this cream remedy Ajanta Pharma has made it compulsory to show the prescription to pharmacist while buying. It has to be applied over face where there are hairs. The base of hair (termed as hair follicle) is blocked to speed down the hair growth rate & makes it lighter. Generic Vaniqa is recommended to be applied under the chin and over the facial area twice per day. The facial region of the face where it has been applied must not be washed for minimum 4 hours. This will make the cream to get absorbed totally to make it highly effective. Quantity of this cream & exact duration is noted in the products instruction label, otherwise for assuring much safety, patient can ask for suggestions from skin doctor. Desired end result is gettable in period of 2 months. Generally, some people get the effect noticeable in 1 month. Important notice for all people who are beginning to take its treatment is that its application must be discontinued in between and patience to achieve result is mandatory. Basic hair removal method like cutting, plucking, or shaving must be carried forward during its ongoing treatment. Unless, there are no allergy reactions, drug interaction, viewing of positive effect, Generic Vaniqa should be kept continued. Its treatment should not be placed over wounds or burns; otherwise it can cause irritation or intolerable pain. This cream is verified to be harmful for womens fetus and hence, instructed to be rejected by pregnant women. Common but minor side-effects can be caused by this cream kind of medicament such as vertigo, folliculitis, asthenia, dyspepsia, anorexia, alopecia, facial edema, stinging, acne, and hair bumps. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: