Genuine Diamonds And Fake

Jewelry-Diamonds Diamond is a jewelry desired by every woman. This expensive price and hard to be found, so only the lucky women who can have it, maybe she’s an artist, a successful business girl, a daughter of king, and so forth. Certainly, diamond become a luxury that only owned by people who have more wealth. Because diamond is so precious, it makes very risky if we buy at a jewelry store that is not trusted. You can not buy a diamond at any place because genuine diamonds and imitation diamonds is very difficult to distinguish. If you are not careful in choosing a diamond store, you can get a fake diamond. I suggest you to buy it at a diamond store such as some trusted and well known online auctions, so the quality of your diamond originality is guaranteed. Would be better if you know how to distinguish between the genuine diamond and the fake diamond, it will be easier for you to get a diamond with the best quality. For you who can not distinguish genuine diamonds and imitation diamonds, please follow some of these tips: 1. Test by breathing in the diamonds. If the diamon is original , the fog will dissipate quickly. But if the diamond is fake, it will remain foggy for a few seconds. 2. Note each side of the diamond. Genuine diamond will show dazzling sparkle from all sides. Rhinestone often designed only to provide sparkle on the top only, but less shiny in the other side. 3. Put the diamond on the newspaper and observe. If genuine, you will not be able to see the writing are show in diamond stone Because the original diamonds have a complex part in the inside , so the light will not be able to make a shadow on the stone. 4. Look the diamond with a magnifying glass. If you see scratches on its surface, You can say that it’s an imitation diamond. Because the original diamond is not easily scratched. 5. Compare the weight of the diamond with the other diamond. If the diamond stones is heavier, it can be an imitation diamond products made from Cubic Zirconia stones. Cubic zirconia stones came from Austria that have the glow such as diamonds. It’s very important to know the authenticity of diamonds or the other jewelry. If you are a hunter of cheap jewelry, it’s a reliable expertise to hunting the original jewelry, like gold, pearls or diamonds at low prices in a jewelry wholesale. You must smart in finding the original diamond, gold, or pearl jewelry, so, you will get the best quality jewelry and will not deceived by anyone. Especially for those who want to open a jewelry store, this expertise is needed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: