Google is planning to make it possible for express trucks to send couriers-norton disk doctor

Google is planning to make it possible for an automated truck to send a courier. According to Quartz, Google has now acquired a patent for an automated truck that delivers express. By then, the patent trucks will be filled with safe cubicles, users only need to pass the security code and credit card, you can get their own express parcel in the truck compartment. According to patent related documents, the core patented technology of trucks combines radar, video camera and range finding laser. These technologies will help automated express trucks identify road traffic. Users can first reserve a courier time, and set up the truck to store the courier package compartment security code, after the truck will reach the delivery site, users will receive SMS tips. Without exception, the automatic delivery truck may appear all vehicles will encounter traffic congestion problem, in this case, the use of express driverless trucks will promptly send customers to express late text messages. Google is planning to make automated truck delivery possible, and Google’s automated express trucks may use laptops, tablets, televisions, PDAs as their networking devices, and wireless signals for communications may use Bluetooth and NFC technologies. In addition, VPN, LAN network or MAN network will be applied to the automatic express truck. It is speculated that if Google’s patent is launched, it may hit Amazon’s PrimeAir UAV express and UberRUSH courier service. But for the moment, Google doesn’t seem to be planning to promote the technology to express trucks in the near future.

Google正计划让自动驾驶卡车送快递成为可能   据Quartz报道,Google目前已经获得了一项运送快递的自动驾驶卡车技术专利。届时,获得专利的卡车上将装满安全小隔间,用户只需要通过安全码和信用卡就可以在卡车的小隔间中领取到自己的快递包裹。   据专利的相关文件显示,卡车的核心专利技术结合了雷达、视频摄像头和范围查找的激光。这些技术将可以帮助自动驾驶的快递卡车识别路面交通。用户可以首先预约一次快递时间,并设定打开卡车中存放快递包裹小隔间的安全码,在卡车将达到运送地点后,用户将获得短信提示。无一例外的是,自动驾驶的送货卡车或许会出现所有车辆都会遇到的交通堵塞问题,在这种情况下,运用快递的无人驾驶货车将及时的向客户发送快递迟到短信。 Google正计划让自动驾驶卡车送快递成为可能   Google的自动驾驶快递卡车可能将使用笔记本电脑、平板、电视、掌上电脑作为其联网设备,通讯的无线信号可能将使用蓝牙和NFC技术。此外,VPN、LAN网络或者MAN网络都将被应用到该自动驾驶快递卡车中。   外界推测,如果Google的该项专利一经推出,可能将冲击到亚马逊的PrimeAir无人机快递和UberRUSH快递服务。但从目前来看,Google似乎并未打算在近期向快递卡车推广该项技术。相关的主题文章: