Half meters of steel pipe falling from the sky, hitting the car windshield was inserted (video) 519697

Half a meter of pipe driving the car windshield drop from the clouds hit was inserted through the car driving on the way encountered "heaven" steel windshield was Rehe Gulou District of Nanjing big hole poking along the road there are a number of projects under construction. Yesterday (September 17th) about eight o’clock in the morning, Nanjing citizens Mr. Yao drove through the site near the Thumb Plaza Rehe Road, a length of about half a meter, 20 cm thick hollow steel tube to the vehicle cab suddenly drop from the clouds. This is going to scare yao. Reporters on the scene saw that Mr. Yao driving van front windshield has been smashed, the central smashed a big hole. Mr. Yao said that the road across the building is a building site, this steel pipe is from the top of the building fall. Yao, "I was driving 40 yards, there was a sidewalk ahead, and suddenly a steel pipe hit me, and I was scared."." Ms. Zhu said, "passers by said that he saw the steel pipe fall from above and hit the ground, and then hit the car." The reporters found that the construction site has been Weidang surrounded the site responsible person said, they are the Party Construction in the construction of eight, the steel pipe plays a major role in strengthening the construction process. At present, the project is working to finish all of the steel have been removed, this is likely to be accidentally dropped the pipe. Site manager: "this is mainly used for reinforcement, the building has been capped, basically no one work.". It’s all built in the inner frame." The person in charge said that they apologized for the experience of Mr. Yao, and at the same time, they will also strengthen the safety management of the site. "We will negotiate with Mr. Yao, we must pay for it.". We want to find what reason, strengthen prevention, to clean the material inside the building." Mr. Yao said, his car damage is followed in this area, the traffic is very large, so thick steel pipe from falling, that is not hit pedestrians. Although this is an accident, but also exposed the safety management of this site is not very in place, it is necessary to ask the safety supervision department on-site inspection.

半米钢管从天而降 砸中行驶轿车挡风玻璃被插穿 轿车行驶途中遭遇“天降”钢管 挡风玻璃被戳大洞 南京鼓楼区热河路沿线有多家楼盘正在施工。昨天(9月17日)上午八点钟左右,南京市民姚先生驾车经过热河路大拇指广场工地附近时,一根长约半米,粗20公分的空心钢管突然从天而降,直奔车辆驾驶室。这可把姚先生吓坏了。记者在现场看到,姚先生驾驶的面包车前挡风玻璃已经被砸碎,中央被砸出一个大洞。姚先生表示,马路对面就是一处在建的楼盘工地,这根钢管正是从楼盘上方掉落的。姚先生“我当时开40码,前面有人行道,突然一个钢管就砸过来了,把我吓得不轻。”朱女士“过路路人说他亲眼看到钢管从上面掉下来,弹到地上,然后砸到车子上面了。”记者发现这处施工工地现场已经被围挡包围,工地负责人表示,他们是施工方中建八局,这种钢管在施工过程中主要起到加固的作用。目前,工程正在进行扫尾工作,所有的钢管都已经拆卸,这个钢管很可能是不慎掉落的。工地负责人:“这个主要是做加固用的,这栋楼已经封顶了,基本上没有人干活。都是里面的内架加固的。”该负责人表示,他们对姚先生的遭遇表示歉意,在赔偿的同时他们也会加强对工地的安全管理工作。“我们会和姚先生协商好,肯定要赔偿。我们要查找什么原因加强防范,要把楼里面的材料清理一下。”姚先生表示,他的车损倒是其次,这一带车流量非常大,这么粗的钢管从高处坠落,万幸是没有砸到行人。虽然这是一起意外,但也暴露出这家工地安全管理方面不是十分到位,有必要请安监部门上门督查。相关的主题文章: