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Haoran: finance investment strategy rangebound how do short-term profits for the client to view the latest market data released Wednesday is not important, the fundamentals remain stable, we see that the foreign exchange market and the precious metals market, the end of the day’s trend to shock. In yesterday’s comments, we have clearly stated that the current market is in the range of shocks, the need for fundamental changes in order to get out of the shock pattern. The volatility in the market, to throw a high bargain hunting strategy is more appropriate. If the daily volatility of words, should be based on the periodic operation of four hours or less, such as one hour of trading, more suitable for the market. And usually short-term, mainly in the day trading. Dollar index closed at 95.32, down by 0.25%. Technical side to analyze, the dollar index out of the triangle finishing, has come to an end, facing a breakthrough. Breakthrough opportunities, there may be next week after the Fed’s interest rate decision announcement, regardless of whether the fed to raise interest rates, the dollar will choose the direction of breakthrough. The current situation, the possibility of upward breakthrough is very large. No matter what direction to break through, break in before this period of time, because the daily level of direction is not clear, take the small cycle days of operation, grasp the opportunities for short-term. Most of yesterday’s non US currency out of the bottom recovery trend, gold and silver sideways, volatility is relatively small, not much trading opportunities. The euro against the dollar, the pound against the U.S. dollar is in shock, the end of the day’s trading. The recent commodity currency fluctuation, the Australian dollar, dollar, dollar, down trend trend is relatively strong, and it is expected that these currencies still continued to decline in the past few days can be used as important operating varieties. The next week the Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting will be held, before the sensitive time period, Fed officials about into silence. Because it is time to speak out of view, it is hard to please. The Fed’s monetary policy is very puzzling, is also unpredictable, while raising interest rates, while interest rate hike, a dove, a hawk, investors elusive. It was said that the four interest rate hike in 2016, so far there is no one, do not know the wolf to the game, but also how long? The Fed seems to raise interest rates in order to keep the dollar positive, so that the financial markets, the Fed hopes to run in the direction of. This situation is also very rare in history. No wonder the United States presidential candidate Trump, criticized the Fed halt the troops and wait to support the Obama administration. In fact, Fed officials, the heart is also very tangled, in the current market conditions, the interest rate hike is not, is not good, it is in a dilemma. In today’s market, gold and silver will continue to maintain a sideways trend, foreign exchange market, most of the species will maintain the volatility of the stock market, commodity currencies are relatively active, relatively large fluctuations. In addition, the Bank of England [micro-blog] tonight 19:00 will announce the latest interest rate decision, the market is expected to continue to maintain interest rates unchanged. U.S. producer price index for August, retail sales in August.相关的主题文章: