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[happy journey] and a high cost of self-service restaurant opened! Sohu and star hotel four floor new star music cafeteria, new decoration, new, elegant dining environment. First of all to talk about seafood, sashimi, Arctic shellfish sashimi a total of six or seven varieties in the table on both sides, color is very fresh, salmon and salmon case, thick cut, continue to stall, eat up very quickly. Pay particular attention to mustard, soy sauce and vinegar are used, the sashimi seafood tastes more delicious. Seafood sashimi is on the edge of the sushi stalls, the other side is boiled over Qingkou, crab, prawns, snail, varieties will be a slight change in the whole process of eating, the taste is also very tight enough crab strong, because I love to eat crab to crab, so special attention ha ~ barbecue stalls varieties in particular, and the ingredients are very real, especially recommended sheep stick, ribs, and Scallop in Shell oysters, eat buffet service is particularly good in the star hotel, as long as the table number of Medallion belt, a good selection of students in food stalls interweavement Medallion handed chef, can feel at ease to enjoy the delicacy. Don’t stand, etc., for a while there will be the waiter guests order food to the table. White chocolate fountain. The variety of the dessert is also very much, cake, Boudin, mousse, each one is very beautiful. Very tempting. To star music is best not to eat buffet, car Oh, this wine varieties quite rich, red wine, beer drinks. The variety of drinks is also the same. Then the sun drying some of my favorite friends, this is a seafood soup, I should eat three bar, pastry shortening is crisp, fragrant, the soup inside is open pastry, inside the soup is boiling, pulling a part of pastry with seafood soup to eat. Special taste! These are not the best dessert of the day, because at the end of the day, my sister said to take a photo of the dessert, this time is not very good-looking. On the group of this photo is also a good. I eat buffet, is directed to the above basic, salmon, such as the Arctic Bay is love sashimi! Lake crab is not too big, but the quality is quite good, very full of strong, full of cream yellow. Crab treasure, is a waiter pushed the car to the table, this should be a per person. The clam, razor is freshly cooked. Shark’s fin, abalone and rice rice, frankly, I think it is actually the abalone soup, Steamed Rice feel a bit redundant, haha ~ another good, Haagen Dazs unlimited buffet dinner, price 188 yuan, eat some ice cream can feel the! Name: star hotel star? Cafeteria address: Wenhui Road No. 448 Star Hotel 4 floor Tel: 0571-88390060 Sina micro-blog lucklily WeChat hi Tim @ public number: Tim hi lucklily相关的主题文章: