Hebi women’s open double eleven parcel courier was upset zngay

Hebi women’s open "double eleven" parcel courier suck was "double eleven" shopping feast, the people have to panic buying baby received a parcel, but some people received the parcel after "received" a pile of troubles. The package was empty. "Double eleven" had an activity. I bought a baby complementary food for Taobao." Live oak Rose City Qibin district (  district; Gallery) Ms. Wei told reporters, 15 at noon, she received the parcel after feeling very light, will face in front of courier parcel open. Fortunately, it opened, and there was nothing inside it, even the couriers were shocked." Ms. Wei said, she looked carefully, and found that the package has a thumb size hole, other packaging intact, the seal has not been torn traces. "At that time I chose to refuse, and contact with the business customer service, but the other said that their warehouse staff will be carefully checked before delivery, is not someone lost the goods in the process of transportation." Ms. Wei told reporters, she felt that the package will open the abnormal, courier can testify, or else go home and open the package will not clear. Ms. Wei repeatedly reflects the problem to the customer service, the other side eventually admits that it may be their packaging errors, but the current large shipments, a few days to Ms. Wei re delivery. Bought three pieces of clothes, received only a small Jiang Qibin District yipinxiang Naidu purchased three pieces of children’s clothing in the "double eleven" during the 16 day she received the parcel, parcel found that there was only a piece of clothing. Then she contacted the customer service, the answer was "no problem of delivery."". After communicating with the customer service many times, they admit that the customer service and warehouse staff handover work mistakes, resulting in errors in the number of shipments." Ms. Du asked for a refund, but the merchant said it would reissue two other clothes as soon as possible, but the freight would be undertaken by Ms. du. In this regard, Ms. Du disagreed, because she thought that less goods is not their fault, so it will not bear the logistics costs. Helpless, Ms. Du will chat records and shopping records screenshot sent to the website customer service personnel complaints. After consultation, the merchant decided to take the freight to reissue two dresses for Ms. du. Buy a lady’s home clothes, but received men’s underwear "bought a suite of home clothes online a few days ago, today received the package, happy to open up after several men’s underwear." 15 days, the public Zhao lady told reporters, her first response is to pick up the wrong package, and then she carefully check the package, the recipient place is really his name and phone, obviously buy the lady home clothes, how to receive the men’s underwear? Ms. Zhao to the business customer service reflects this situation, check the delivery record after the reply, "double eleven" during the delivery of large amount, they put Zhao orders with another customer orders up. "They asked me to send the men’s underwear to the customer and let the customer send me my home clothes." For the business of this practice, Ms. Zhao does not agree, "clearly their responsibility, but now we have to bear customers, and home clothing, underwear belongs to private goods."." Under the repeated requirements of Ms. Zhao, the merchants promised to deliver the goods to Ms. Zhao in the afternoon. (Qihe morning) 鹤壁女子拆“双十一”包裹闹心 快递员也惊呆“双十一”购物盛宴后,抢购到宝贝的市民陆续收到了包裹,然而有些市民收到包裹后也“收到了”一堆烦心事。收到的包裹是空的“趁着‘双十一’有活动我在淘宝上给孩子买了一套婴儿辅食用品。”家住淇滨区橡树玫瑰城(资料 图库) 小区的魏女士告诉记者,15日中午,她收到包裹后感觉特别轻,就当着快递员的面把包裹打开了。“幸好打开了,里面竟然什么都没有,连快递员都惊呆了。”魏女士说,她仔细查看后发现包裹上有个拇指大小的洞,其他包装完好,封口也没有被撕开的痕迹。“我当时就选择拒签,并跟商家客服联系,但对方称他们的仓库工作人员在发货前都会认真检查,是不是运输过程中有人把物品弄丢了。”魏女士告诉记者,她觉得包裹异常就打开了,快递员可以作证,要不然回家后再打开包裹就说不清了。魏女士多次向商家客服反映此问题,对方最终承认有可能是他们打包失误,但目前发货量较大,过几天就给魏女士重新发货。买了三件衣服,只收到一件淇滨区一品香江小区的杜女士在“双十一”期间购买了三件儿童服装,16日收到包裹,她打开包裹后发现里面只有一件衣服。随后她联系商家客服,得到的答复是“发货没有问题”。“和商家客服多次沟通后,他们才承认客服和仓库工作人员交接工作时出现失误,导致发货数量出错。”杜女士要求退款,商家却表示会尽快补发另外两件衣服,但运费需要杜女士承担。对此说法杜女士不同意,因为她认为少发货物不是自己的失误,所以不会承担物流费用。无奈之下,杜女士将聊天记录及购物记录截图发送给网站客服人员进行投诉。经过协商,商家决定承担运费为杜女士补发两件衣服。买女士家居服却收到男士内衣“前几天在网上买了套家居服,今天收到包裹,满心欢喜地打开后竟然是几件男士内衣。”15日,市民赵女士告诉记者,她第一反应就是收错包裹了,随后她仔细查看包裹,收件人处留的确实是自己的名字和电话,明明买的女士家居服,怎么收到了男士内衣?赵女士向商家客服反映了这个情况,对方检查了仓库发货记录后回复,“双十一”期间发货量较大,他们把赵女士的订单与另外一位顾客的订单弄混了。“他们让我把男士内衣寄给那位顾客,并让那位顾客把我的家居服寄给我。”对于商家的这个做法赵女士并不认同,“明明是他们的责任,现在却要我们顾客承担,并且家居服、内衣属于私人物品。”在赵女士的一再要求下,商家承诺当天下午就给赵女士发货。(淇河晨报)相关的主题文章: