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Interior-Decorating Imagine standing at the entryway of your new home. You open the door with anticipation as you have yet to see your new surroundings graced with your decor. The appearance is exactly what you hoped for, resembling a breathtaking scene right out of a Hollywood movie. The desire for furniture and accessories resembling those seen on screen is understandable. The appeal to the senses screams out for purchase. In fact, many companies allow the use of their products for that very reason. Displaying goods through entertainment media provides a larger exposure to the consumer market. An example of opulent decor is found in The Bodyguard The Bodyguard. Zoom in on Whitney Houston and Ralph Waite. He stands at the cutting board chopping fresh vegetables. Whitney listens intently while Ralph provides fatherly advice. Pan the room to see marvelous wood shelves keeping everything in place and organized. The spacious design delivers an aura of sensible, uncluttered sophistication. Drew Barrymore, Lucy Lu, and Cameron Diaz use Full Throttle to remind viewers that it is never anything less than the best for Charlies angels. They have designer clothing, enticing cars and high end furniture. One bedroom scene features a splendid bed and dresser combination guaranteed to please anyone. Destined to be a classic, What Women Want features Mel Gibson and an office to dream about. Be prepared for a myriad of modern furniture in an office setting. From the solid wood desk to the electric file cabinets, the design is upbeat and inspirational. What more can be expected in Sherlock Holmes than elegant surroundings? Robert Downey Jr tied up to a gold trim Victorian style bed is a surprise. The era specific design is an elegant bit of historical decor. Mystique surrounds the confectioner played by Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Inside the factory is the constant theme of pristine white. It shows that some fascinating furniture can remain sparkling clean while used in a home or office setting. High end furniture does not come any more decorative than the Royal Throne in Elizabeth-The Golden Age. Most of us are not prepared for classy furniture such as a jewel encrusted chair. The lavish royal furniture definitely exudes elegance. Combine the features of modern and retro to appreciate the Pay it Forward decor. Comfort chic is observed by Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment. A giant bean bag and comfortable-looking couch provide plenty of room in which to lounge. Media interactions give viewers the opportunity to view decor around the world. Films take us everywhere, including historical landmarks, ancient ruins and deep under the ocean. Certain settings are used in several movies, such as the Hatfield House in England. Built in 1611, the structure and luxurious contents starred in films like Batman, Lara Croft Tomb Raiders and Tarzan. About the Author: Rachel Girard works on behalf of ELTE, supplying elegant modern furniture, linens, rugs, and lighting, to Toronto since 1944. ELTE is Toronto’s highest rated retailer of modern home furniture, having been been honoured as "Retailer of the Year" in both Canada and the United States. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Interior-Decorating 相关的主题文章: