Hubei enabled micro shield mining underground pipe gallery avoid ” disembowelling ” mkdv-02

Hubei enabled micro shield mining underground pipe gallery   avoid " disembowelling " – Hubei channel — original title: Hubei opening micro shield mining underground pipe gallery to avoid disembowelling " " yesterday morning, a total length of 4.4 km Xiongchu Avenue power tunnel tunneling started, this is the first province by micro shield mining city underground pipe gallery project, this attempt is expected to end the previous zipper road construction in the city of embarrassment. The traditional city underground pipeline construction, the use of "disembowelling construction", is not only easy to cause repeated excavation of the "zip road" phenomenon, and logic excavation construction and the impact on traffic lane traffic, more important is the construction of network under shallow depth also induced burst, gas leakage, power and the interruption of communication pipeline accident. The power tunnel project is a sub project of the transformation project of the male main street. Engineering along the male Chu Avenue, between the Optics Valley and Lu Jingyuan Road, a diameter of 3 meters, 8-15 meters deep, a total length of 4.4 kilometers of underground pipe gallery. Upon completion, the pipe gallery will be laying 4 high voltage lines and 4 volts of 110 thousand volts high voltage line, connecting the two ends of the transformer substation engineering. For the excavation of the underground pipe gallery, project investment and financing construction of Wuhan municipal construction group customized a cost of 22 million yuan, 3.7 meters in diameter of the miniature shield machine, relative to the subway shield machine 6.2 meters in diameter, the normal operation of mini shield machine, in the speed and efficiency of favorably. Municipal Construction Group responsible person, compared with the traditional underground tunnel construction, the use of micro shield machine not only in the construction cost is further reduced, and the construction efficiency will be increased to more than 2 times, the maximum driving speed of 400 meters per month micro shield calculation, underground tunnel length of 4.4 kilometers can be completed in December 2017 before, when construction Sontu Street reconstruction project will be completed on the ground. More importantly, the shield machine in the whole underground operation, to avoid the area along the excavation, basically to the road "disembowelling". It is reported that the underground pipe gallery has been reserved in advance of the external line interface, the latter maintenance, repair, pipe laying, can be carried out directly in the ground, do not need to move on the pipeline. Last year, the State Council issued the "guidance" on promoting the city underground pipe gallery building, built around the requirements of a number of international advanced level of the underground pipe gallery, improve the city ground repeatedly excavation "road zipper" problem. The construction of the Xiongchu power tunnel project, is the implementation example of the future of our province pipe rack construction, pipe construction engineering gallery for the subsequent underground city, to provide practical experience, completely break zipper road construction embarrassment. (reporter Zhang Chi correspondent Zhang Yun Hua Shangfan) is not disturbing the mining depth of micro solid Lane shield construction crack construction problem Click to view original   HD; our province’s first micro shield excavation of underground pipe gallery. Wuhan evening news reporter from the construction side of the project Wuhan Optics Valley Construction Investment Co., Ltd.相关的主题文章: