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Vacation-Rentals Nirvana, one of the best serviced apartments in Hyderabad is located in the Banjara Hills area of the city, it is well connected to the major exit and entry points of the city like airports, bus stations and cab stations, the distance from major exit and entry points of the Hyderabad city to Nirvana is very less and the travel is very easy with meager transportation charges. The business travelers and the tourists .ing to the Hyderabad city will not face any hassles in locating Nirvana as it is a well known and established guest house in the city. Nirvana is a block of 5 furnished apartments with 18 Air bedrooms, all these bedrooms are designed to maintain the .fort of the guests, the rooms in Nirvana are divided into single rooms and multiple rooms, the single rooms are classified into five types, Premier King, Premier Queen, Business Class, Executive class Type-1 and Type-2, the tariff for these rooms ranges from Rs 2,700 Rs 3,900 depending upon the occupancy of these rooms excluding the taxes. The guests can also book multiple rooms which are divided into two suites of four and three bedrooms respectively, the tariffs for these suites ranges from Rs 10,200 Rs 13,200 again depending upon the occupancy of these rooms excluding the taxes. Each of the rooms in Nirvana is equipped with latest air conditioners, television sets, DVD lounges, and telephone and inter. connections. Nirvana is one of the best service apartments in Madhapur for the food provided to the guests; the cooking staff in Nirvana is well trained in preparing various foods like Indian, Chinese and Continental. Nirvana charges money for the food provided to its guests except for the breakfast, the money for lunch and dinner should be paid by the guests. The cooking staff of Nirvana serves freshly cooked food to the guests and any changes in the timings will be notified to the guests well in advance. The guests staying at Nirvana serviced apartments can use its transportation modes in traveling around the city, the charges for the transportation services depends upon the distance traveled in the city, the transportation staff is well connected with the city thoroughfares and hence the guests will not face any difficulties in moving around the city using the Nirvana transportation modes mostly cab. Nirvana staff will help its guests in arranging for their return travel, they will arrange for airline tickets to the guests who wish to return to their destinations through air and also arrange bus tickets or a cab for the guests who wish to return to their destinations through road, the charges for these services is inclusive of the rates of their stay in rooms. Nirvana is also maintaining an online website detailing its features and services and the enquiry form on the Nirvana website which can be used by the business travelers or the international tourists to book their rooms well in advance. Hence with all these facilities, Nirvana is one of the best Hyderabad serviced apartments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: