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I BP why no echo? This activity by IT orange’s investment and financing docking service platform hunting orange study room (ID:liejuzixishi) hosted. Entrepreneurs met before the majority of investors, will hear the phrase "the BP sent me to see" BP (Business plan) is a business plan, the purpose is to introduce the project to investors, create more opportunities for exchange, reach a financing. " my BP why no echo? " a financial advisor for your BP pulse. Second phase of the event is now open enrollment! This new line of inquiry. Not a small partner in Beijing, after successful registration, you can choose online consulting. The small partners do not have to worry about the location of the event! In addition, one on one counseling time from half an hour to an hour, more detailed anatomy for you BP. I hope you will be thinking and problems, rather than soy sauce. The range of activities involved in the consultation process of the user application > > a finance consultant by mail contact with the user WeChat > > to determine the mode of communication (line or line) and the communication time of > > carry out BP inquiry service activities time and place consultation time: November 17th -11 month 24 days, a consultant for a the negotiation time in Beijing location: Zhongguancun entrepreneurs, wealth building, communication time for 1 hours; entrepreneurs in Beijing, WeChat 1 hours online communication. Sign up for a long time according to the identification of the following two-dimensional code, or click on the bottom left corner of the text to read the original text". In order to ensure effective communication, to provide practical suggestions and for entrepreneurs, each activity is only for the founder and co-founder of open enrollment, a quota of 6, according to the order of registration review. As soon as possible and fill in the registration information, will greatly improve the pass rate! Long press the picture, the focus of hunting orange room, an entrepreneurial skills learning and service platform. @ entrepreneur相关的主题文章: