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Inaki Ading, through the autumn touch the beauty of the world tourism Sohu – "passing from your world" this movie is the fire, the fire will be more Aden Daocheng next year, while more fire before, again through the autumn went once the pure blue. Even if you can miss the world, do not miss the fall of Daocheng, Aden. A trip can bring except the scenery, there are hardships and sweat. In Aden, the sea of milk has long been the sweat into the picture of the heavy taste of yellow, transferred into a heavy blue yellow, but also to make their memories more profound. That day sunset, walk on the Western Sichuan Plateau, waiting for the sunset of Haizishan mountain road curved, under the hot sun shining inside the same brand of Haizishan Haizi, like heart in the heart are everywhere traces of ancient glaciers, highway runs through it, we have to take to the hinterland of Shangri-La, Aden village. Daocheng Zunsheng tower is behind the forest, I know a few years before the repair, go take a photo here. Unfortunately, Daocheng has almost no leaves fall, fall is also not to skip the Daocheng yellow, poplar. Aden village of the peak season or let people egg pain, of course, now also repaired a lot of senior hotel, the price is reasonable, about 500 will be able to live better. After the arrival of the first day in the afternoon, you can directly take Xian nairi xianuoduoji with the sunset. The second day early in the morning when I took my teammates Tianbuliangjiu from entering the area, see the red mountain maiyong began to see the ancient red meadow last rays of sunshine before skip, take all the players a day go through a sea of milk – colored sea – Dromara wrong, after all the three mountain. Think it is worth it. In the mountain front, only a quiet walk, you can hear my own heart, bring skin fatigue is the heart of the rich. Put all kinds of pictures directly below the first day of the mob maiyong Rizhao, is indeed one of the most beautiful mountain in the snow on the sun as though, but luorongniuchang are also walking to the sea floor frost milk on the way, the first rays of the sun over the maiyong ridge, shining in the body. From A to Z warm end. At noon, climbed up the sea of milk, as a result of the early entry into the area, almost no one, the quiet face of the ancient sea left behind the blue. Time sure to walk around the lake in a circle, each position of Haizi are not the same color, the back of the mountain is the Xian nairi. The distance is another angle xianuoduoji milk in seawater Stonehenge sea of milk of breath and climbed to the colored sea, a dark colored sea blue colored sea again looking at the blue sea of milk, then look down the road, the human is also more difficult than the small mountain mountain, until sunset to rush the ancient meadow, looked around to see Koyama again. In front of the hotel, before leaving again photographed Xian nairi sunrise, the shopkeeper said annual 5-6 month more beautiful sunrise. From the back to the Aden basin, the heart can not be calm, don’t let yourself calm is the road seen snow mountain, saw Haizi, traveling alone and heart surging. God is willing to hide.相关的主题文章: